Grand Pokémon League: Spring 2017 Weeks 8 & 9


The Grand Pokémon League is a seasonal draft/franchise style Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Sun & Moon. For details and to join in for the next season, click here. For all of the current standings and statistics for the current season of the GPL, click here.

Week 8

Pewter City Paragons vs. Anistar Aura

Lavender Town Spectres vs. Snowpoint Avalanches

Canalave Geologists vs. Olivine Beacons

Week 9

Olivine Beacons vs. Lavender Town Spectres

Snowpoint Avalanches vs. Pewter City Paragons

Anistar Aura vs. Canalave Geologists

Due to a technical issue, this battles could not be played to completion and, subsequently, recorded. Anistar conceeded defeat to Canalve.


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