Balance of Power Pokémon Tournament

Registration is now open for the next ION Game Corner Pokémon event, the Balance of Power Tournament! In this tournament, players will have to craft their teams with the guideline that the base stat total for the team of 6 may not exceed 3,000. Here is the full rundown of the Balance of Power Tournament!

The tournament will be a round robin format with a single elimination bracket following the round robin portion (unless we have enough for a perfect bracket). Specifics of the groups and number of players to make the single elimination will be determined once registration is completed. The winner of the tournament will receive a to be determined prize.

-The base stat cap for teams is 3,000. This means that the combined base stat total for all 6 Pokémon on a player’s team must be 3,000 or below.

-All battles in the tournament will adhere to the Standard ION Pokémon Battle Rules, including the list of Banned Pokémon.(viewtopic.php?f=11&t=70)

-All battles in the tournament will be 6 vs. 6 Single battles.

-Battle results should be posted in this thread along with the saved battle video code. Both players should save each battle video to make sure someone has it. Only one players needs to post it.

-If a Pokémon changes form, and the player intends to use the form change, the form with the higher base stat total will be used to determine the Pokémon’s base stat total for the tournament. For example, if a player uses Venusuar with its Mega Stone, its base stat total is 625. Venusuar without its Mega Stone is 525. If you are unsure about any particular Pokémon, feel free to ask me for clarification.

-Players will be permitted to make 1 Pokémon switch per battle in the tournament. In other words, each successive battle must have at least 5 of the same Pokémon from the battle before it. I will create a spreadsheet that lists each player’s most recent team that will be available for all players to view.

-Players will be required to complete one battle per week during the round robin stage of the tournament. Opponents may be battled in any order. Players may play more than one battle per week to help move the tournament along faster. Failure to complete the minimum battle requirement will result in removal from the tournament (and potential exclusion from subsequent events). Players in the elimination stage of the tournament will have 7 days from the start of the round to complete their battles.

-To register from the tournament, players must post in this thread with their 3DS Friend Code. The deadline to register is Monday, April 17th at 7:00 AM Eastern. The tournament will begin on April 17th.


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