Kanto-Johto War: Week Fifteen


The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. To see the current state of the game, check out the War Games page on IONGameCorner.com. The Interregional Overwatch Network articles will chronicle the progress of the game each week in conjunction with the pieces written by the individual players in the game.

Ghostly War Parade: Spiritual Reunion


As I was walking back through the Ilex Forest, on my way to Goldenrod City, I received excellent news from my other two members of the War Parade. Though the Demon Cebarra may have been defeated in battle and had lost control of the mystical Pokemon Diancie, Gambit was able to ride the tide that had started in Cebarra’s fight to a well earned victory over the leader of the Wanderers, Alec. My goal was to arrive at Goldenrod City to get to the train, for reasons only I knew at this point. I had a good feeling about riding the train and my goal to find the hero I had been seeking.

I sent Horus ahead of me, with a letter informing the other two that the Wanderers may want to do a two-pronged attack from the south and north, and that they should defend for this week. Once I was in Goldenrod, I would be able to inform them better on what they should do next.

The following day, I was greeted in the morning by the call of Horus on the horizon. I waited to see what they had said. Attached to the note they had sent was a pokeball. The note said that they understood the plan and that they had been busy upon acquiring Ecruteak City. Gambit had managed to find a Dusclops wandering around the Kimono Girl dance studio and had managed to capture it. Cebarra had been exploring the city when he ran into a Cofigrigus.

On the second night that they had been in the city, they had seen a Pokémon rise out of the ground at the entrance to the Pokémon Center. It walked up to them and handed them a Poké Ball with a note that said its name was Ryuk the Gengar, and that it wanted to be sent to its owner Spectral. That was why they had sent along the Poké Ball with the note. I was overjoyed at hearing that Ryuk, one of my oldest friends, had just arrived. I called out all of my Pokémon and then called out Ryuk to come and meet them all. The rest of the day I spent enjoying my time with all of my Pokémon, old and new. The following day it was business as usual and I continued on my last stretch before I arrived at Goldenrod City.

Interregional Overwatch Network

Relative Calm Amidst Forces Gathering for Battle

by Scoops McGee, ION Special Reporter

Violet City – In a week marked by a surprising lack of conflict, there was little detectable change in control among any major area in Kanto or Jotho. In Kanto, with the Fallarbor Academy Research Team completely deported from the region, HOPE primarily spent the last several days relocating forces to prepare for their next moves. There still appears to be no imminent plan by Zero to liberate the occupied areas of Johto.

Not surprisingly, the one faction who was very active recently was Team Requiem. Barracuda Jones attempted to the push through the Ghostly War Parade’s blockade in Ilex Forest, but Cebarra and Gambit were there to turn him way.

Cebarra (Ghostly War Parade) vs. Barrcuda Jones (Team Requiem)

A new member of Team Requiem by the name of Frynight (who bears a striking resemblence to a former member of the Fallarbor research staff) emerged in an attempt to wrestle control of Violet City from The Wanderers. However, Sandverse and Alastar stopped the new Requiem member’s advance.

Sandverse (Wanderers) vs. Frynight (Team Requiem)

The only area that saw any significant change was Cherrygrove City. The Wanderers’ leader Alec was able to expel the Team Requiem lackeys from the city with no lieutenant around to resist.

Despite the distinct lack of fighting this week, it’s clear that this conflict is far from over. This appears to be the eye of the storm. The question is: How small of an eye does this storm have?

Map after Week 15



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