ION Pokémon League: Week of 12/5/2016


The ION Pokémon League is an ongoing Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Sun*, Moon*, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here.

*As of now, Sun and Moon may only be used if both players agree to it. The league will be switching over to Sun and Moon in full once the Pokémon Bank update is released.

Make-Up Battle from Absolute Assault 2016

Fryday & Axel vs. The Paragons of Darkness

Make-Up Battle from Week of 11/28/2016

Zero vs. Connor

Make-Up Battle from Week of 11/28/2016

Ruppy vs. Gambit

Kira vs. Krasare

Alec vs. Curt

Ruppy vs. Sarbear

Kira vs. Zero

Fallarbor Academy Research Team vs. Krasare & Choco

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Zero

Trainer – Points

Alexander – 42
Custos – 38
Kira – 22
Sethyas – 18
Howler – 16
Ruppy – 8
Sandverse – 2

IPL Interregional Champion: Alec

Agent G – 20
Gambit – 18
Fryday – 16
Krasare – 10
Sarbear – 6
AJ – 2
Kevorn – 2
Steven – 0
Connor – 0
Curt – 0
Jordan – 0

IPL Duos Champions: vacant

Krasare & Choco – 10
Fallarbor Academy Research Team – 6
Kira & Gambit – 2
Fryday & Axel – 2
Jungle Critters – 0
Paragons of Darkness – 0

This Week:

Alexander vs. Fryday
Sandverse vs. AJ
Kevorn vs. Gambit
Agent G vs. Alec
Sarbear vs. Sethyas
Connor vs. Curt
Jordan vs. Kira
Howler vs. Ruppy

Champion Bonus Battle:
Zero vs. Curt



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