ION Pokémon League: Week of 8/15/2016, Rival Revolution 2016, Week of 8/29/2016, and Week of 9/5/2016


The ION Pokémon League is an ongoing Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here.

Make-Up Battle from Relentless Rumble 2016

Connor vs. Big Jake

Make-Up Battle from 8/8/2016

Big Jake vs. Gambit

Make-Up Battle from 8/8/2016

Krasare vs. Sethyas

Week of 8/15/2016

Howler vs. Choco

Ruppy vs. Krasare

Agent G vs. Fryday

Connor vs. Kira

Draexzhan vs. Trevor

Custos vs. Big Jake

Zero vs. Alexander

Rival Revolution 2016

The latest IPL special event, Rival Revolution 2016, featured the IPL World Champion, Draexzhan, looking to keep his reign going as he faced the challenge of Zero. Zero was attempting to etch his name as the 2nd trainer in IPL history to win the World Championship for a third time. Rival Revolution also saw Teslamouse defending the IPL Interregional Championship against Lemur. Lemur has been on a tear since debuting in the IPL, but Teslamouse has been turning away all comers to challenge him. Find out who walked away from Rival Revolution as champions below, along with all of the battles from Rival Revolution 2016!

Fryday vs. Alec

Connor vs. Agent G

Krasare vs. Gambit

Big Jake vs. Trevor

IPL Interregional Championship Match, Best of 3

Lemur (Challenger) vs. Teslamouse (Champion)

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Sethyas vs. Kira

Alexander vs. Custos

Ruppy vs. Howler

IPL World Championship Match, Best of 3

Zero (Challenger) vs. Draexzhan (Champion)

Battle 1

Battle 2

Week of 8/29/2016

This week marked the beginning of the 2016 Challenger Cup tournament. The league trainers were split into 3 groups, with each trainer facing every other trainer once. The top 8 trainers from the group stage will advance to a single elimination knockout round with the winner receiving a guaranteed IPL World Championship match that can be claimed at any time until the start of the 2017 Challenger Cup Tournament.

It also was the debut of the new Duos Division in the IPL. Teams of 2 will compete in Multi Battles for Duos supremacy!

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Trevor vs. Lemur

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Big Jake vs. Alexander

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Teslamouse vs. Ruppy

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Custos vs. Kira

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Howler vs. Krasare

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Fryday vs. Connor

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Zero vs. Alec

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Sethyas vs. Gambit

Duos Division

Krasare & Choco vs. Kira & Gambit

Duos Division

Trevor & Big Jake vs. Fryday & Lemur

Week of 9/5/2016

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Alec vs. Gambit

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Agent G vs. Zero

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Ruppy vs. Trevor

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Teslamouse vs. Alexander

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Connor vs. Krasare

Challenger Cup Opening Round

Kira vs. Howler

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Zero

Trainer – Points

Howler – 54
Ruppy – 39
Custos – 26
Alexander – 20
Kira – 10
Sethyas – 6
Draexzhan – 0

IPL Interregional Champion: Teslamouse

Trevor – 28
Big Jake – 20
Krasare – 18
Gambit – 12
Connor – 12
Agent G – 12
Alec – 12
Fryday – 6
Lemur – 0

IPL Duos Champions: Vacant

Krasare & Choco – 2
Fryday & Lemur – 2
Kira & Gambit – 0
Trevor & Big Jake – 0

2016 Challenger Cup Standings:

Gold Group – Points
Trevor – 4
Alexander – 2
Teslamouse – 2
Big Jake – 2
Ruppy – 0
Lemur – 0

Silver Group – Points
Howler – 4
Krasare – 2
Fryday – 2
Custos – 2
Connor – 0
Kira – 0

Crystal Group – Points
Zero – 2
Agent G – 2
Sethyas – 2
Alec – 2
Gambit – 0
Draexzhan – 0

This Week:

Challenger Cup Opening Round Battles:
Zero vs. Gambit
Agent G vs. Sethyas
Alec vs. Draexzhan
Big Jake vs. Teslamouse
Lemur vs. Ruppy
Alexander vs. Trevor
Connor vs. Howler
Krasare vs. Custos
Fryday vs. Kira

Duos Division Battles:
Kira & Gambit vs. Fryday & Lemur
Krasare & Choco vs. Trevor & Big Jake


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