Kanto-Johto War: Week Seven


The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. To see the current state of the game, check out the War Games page on IONGameCorner.com. The Interregional Overwatch Network articles will chronicle the progress of the game each week in conjunction with the pieces written by the individual players in the game.

Fallarbor Academy Research Team: Old Rivals

From the desk of Professor Eucalyptus

Field Journal – Day 47

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written in my field journal. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching lately, so most of my writing has been simply data collection in my logbook. I’m getting a lot of good data, though. I can’t wait to go back to the university and present it to Dr. Cozmo, our VP for Research. There’s already enough data from my findings alone to write multiple papers. From what I have heard, Jake seems to be having similar success. Anyway, this journal is supposed to chronicle the story of this expedition, not just findings, and I feel I have been letting it slip as of late. So, I will start with a recap of the last couple weeks.

I spent about a week doing research up on the plateau, until I received a phone call from Fryday. He had finally gotten that base at Mt Moon up and running, and he wanted me to come take a look at it. He mentioned something about base-building skills like his coming in handy at that Sinnoh school as well. I had been waiting for that call for a while, so I decided to ride Valor this time. It had been months since I had flown with her over Cici. I really missed the speed.

Fryday had built up quite an impressive operation at the mountain. Maybe I should write that in his recommendation after all. (Yes, of course he’s getting one, but I’m having too much fun with this to tell him that just yet.) The camp was in the middle of the crater, with an excellent view of the meteor shower overhead. He had already excavated a few fossils, which he placed near the edge of the caldera. I could have sworn I heard whispers coming from the helical one. I put that one in my bag and I have been routinely checking on it ever since.

I spent a good amount of time researching there and, as I mentioned earlier, recorded a lot of interesting data. A few days ago, however, I became restless just sitting in the crater, so I decided to visit Bill, who I have heard is living in solitude in a cottage north of Cerulean City. Something to do with avoiding his old girlfriend Misty. Serves him right, honestly. Misty and I were sweethearts long before he came into the picture. I should’ve known what he was planning when I first heard about the Kabuto costume he was working on. I’m better off without her, though. There’s no way I could have put up with that strong of an obsession with water Poékmon for long. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go pay a visit to the lowlife who was responsible for ending us.

There was a strange blockade in front of Cerulean City that I couldn’t get around. It had the words “HOPE” imprinted all over it. Probably construction. Misty’s installing another aqueduct or something. I took a detour through the nearby cave to get to Bill’s, which is where I am currently writing this. I can’t wait to show up and wipe that smirk off his smug face when he sees what a success I have become. I’m the Head of the Astronomy Department at Fallarbor Academy. Other than a flawless performance of a Kabuto mating dance, what has he done?

Field Journal – Day 48

He’s apparently done quite a lot. Some sort of Pokémon Storage System has made him famous throughout Kanto and Johto in recent years. Aside from that, he’s also somewhat renowned as a Pokémon researcher, specializing in Eevee and its strange evolution patterns. Oh, and Misty still visits him regularly. Whatever. Not that I even care.

He did seem sorry about what happened between us in the past, and wanted to make things right. As a late apology (all of the emphasis on late), he offered to give me one of his evolved Eevees. I saw a pink ribboned one far off in the corner and thought I knew what it was there for. I asked him to be sure that he meant any of his Eeveelutions and, when he confirmed, chose that one. He looked shocked and mumbled a bit about how he’d prefer I took a different one, but I didn’t budge. Ha. Have fun scrambling for a new gift before that siren’s next visit, you jerk. I think I’m going to name this little lady “Karma”, because she’s a b****.

Ghostly War Parade: Regroup. Revenge.


Though I managed to defeat Icy, it seemed that the Wanderers were a team that would stand in my way of reaching the peace that I wanted to bring to this region. I headed back to Olivine and standing at the entrance of the city stood Cebarra. He looked livid and I could only assume he had lost his battle once again. We talked for a bit and we decided that we could leave Ecruteak alone for a while and that we should focus our efforts on retrieving the Old Sea Map. I agreed that I would go with him down to the Sevii Islands and hope that we would run into Custos, the man who took the map from Cebarra.

I told Cebarra that I would meet up with him at the islands as soon as I sent word to Gambit of his movement for the week. I watched Cebarra leave port once again heading towards the Sevii Islands. I went and wrote a letter to Gambit informing him that we were heading to the Sevii Islands and that I expected him to obtain Goldenrod City for us. As soon as Horus returned with a response from Gambit, I got on it and told it to fly me to Mt. Ember.

As we were flying over the peaks of Mt. Ember, I heard an explosion and a large cloud of smoke was coming from down below. I told Horus to descend to make sure everything was all right down below and that it wasn’t like a rock slide coming down from the mountain. Was I surprised by what I saw as I reached the tops of the trees. There was Cebarra locking horns with Custos once again. I had been late in reaching the mountain before Cebarra was allowed to enter into combat once more. I sat there watching the battle and, with luck, Cebarra was able to finally win the battle though it was a very close one from what I saw.

As Custos flew off to go rejoin his other team members, I saw Cebarra look up into the sky. He motioned that I should join him on the ground so we could go ahead and search the area around us for some interesting Pokémon that could be used in battle.

The Wanderers: Punching is Much More Fun than Counterpunching


Business sure has picked up lately. After acquiring my new pal Thundurus, I check in with Alec to let him know about it and see what he wanted to do. Apparently, the ghost jokers and this Team Requiem both showed up at Ecruteak City. They scrapped with each other and then Sandverse was able to pick off the winner. But because Sandverse had to defend Ecruteak, Team Requiem was allowed to waltz in and take over Violet City.

I guess Alec had tussled with one of the Requiem fellas a couple of times in Blackthorn City and Dark Cave. He held his own just fine so I think we didn’t feel we really needed to take them seriously. Now that they clearly came gunning for us, it was time to get serious. His plan was to keep Sandverse behind to make sure no one came knocking on Ecruteak’s door again. He was going to head back to Blackthorn City to take care of some business there. It was on me to go punch Team Requiem in the face. I liked my part of the plan.

My task was to head to Violet City to get Requiem out of there. So, I headed east. It didn’t take long to reach Violet and there was quite the welcoming committee waiting. Some fella wearing a blood red uniform introduced himself as Icy McHaggis, an officer of Team Requiem and told me to leave immediately or face the consequences. I informed him that I was electing to take the consequences. He chuckled and motioned behind me.

A bunch of more fellas wearing those silly uniforms emerged mostly all around me. The goon squad started to close in and I was forced to my left, my only option. Suddenly, they stopped, so I did the same. I looked down and realized I was standing by some sort of circular platform. There was also one near the Icy fella. He grabbed three Poké Balls and tossed them onto his platform. A Gliscor, Jellicent, and Abomasnow emerged onto the platform. Fantastic… another one of these goofy three Pokémon fighting at a time deals.

Something was different about this one though. I looked at the platform by me and there were arrows around the edges pointing in both directions. There was two pedals near where I was standing. I stepped on the pedal on the left and the platform rotated to left. I assumed the other one made it go the other way. Looking at Icy’s Pokémon, the Gliscor was front and center, with the other two flanking it on both sides. I was starting to get an idea how this battle was going to go down. I’d heard something about Rotation Battles, but never paid much attention to them. I was starting to wish I had.

I weighed my options and decided to send out my Jolteon, Starmie, and Alomomola. I didn’t think using Thundurus here would have been a good option. The fella’s name was Icy after all. And there’s something to do not laying all of your cards on the table immediately. I needed to put on my thinking cap for this one. Switching Pokémon always brings a risk of sending it in to face check an attack. This was different, you could just rotate the platform and fire off an attack of your own. I had to try and figure out what Icy was going to do before he even knew it himself.

As the battle raged on, it seemed I was managing to stay one step ahead of McHaggis. The problem was how to deal with his Weavile. After a Swords Dance, it was pretty darn frightening. I don’t know if it was dumb beginner’s luck or I’m just really good, but I was able to keep out rotating him and was finally able to get to the point where Mega Blaziken could take over and finish off his Weavile.

And with that, Icy had been thawed. Having lost at his own game, he didn’t hang around long for pleasantries and headed for the hills. The rest of his cronies clearly didn’t want to suffer the same fate and tucked tails and ran as well. Violet City was once again domain of The Wanderers.

Interregional Overwatch Network

Fighting Spills Over into Kanto as Requiem Dealt Blows

by Scoops McGee, ION Special Reporter

Mahogany Town – As feared, Team Requiem took the war into mainland Kanto this week. Fortunately, the Fallarbor Academy Research Team was there to turn them away. Requiem leader Ferra attempted to make his way through Victory Road, but was met there by Fryday and Professor Jake Sequoia.

Ferra (Team Requiem) vs. Fryday (Fallarbor Academy Research Team), video courtesy of Kanto News Network

Ferra’s loss pushed him back to Johto for the time being. Requiem was also suffered another loss as Icy McHaggis was driven out of Violet City by Alastar of The Wanderers.

Alastar (Wanderers) vs. Icy McHaggis (Team Requiem), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Sadly, all of the news for Requiem was not bad this week as they were finally able to wrestle control of Ecruteak City away from The Wanderers. Barracuda Jones was the one to ultimately push them out.

Barracuda Jones (Team Requiem) vs. Sandverse (Wanderers), video courtesy of Johto Broadcast Company News

The defeat of Sandverse won’t sit well on multiple fronts. The Wanderers obviously aren’t happy after having defended Ecruteak City valiantly for weeks. And the Ghostly War Parade had been after Ecruteak for the last several weeks as well. The Wanderers’ leader Alec was seen in Blackthorn City, assuring people that The Wanderers would be ready to fight Requiem again.

The Ghostly War Parade went in force back to the Sevii Islands after Cebarra’s defeat last week. HOPE’s Custos was there waiting for Cebarra to return with Spectral in tow.

Cebarra (Ghostly War Parade) vs. Custos (HOPE), video courtesy of Kanto News Network

Cebarra was able to reclaim the Old Sea Map that Custos had taken from him and it would appear now that he and Spectral are putting their efforts into trying to find Mew. Meanwhile, Gambit was able to take Goldenrod City from Team Requiem unopposed.

HOPE was once again focused in Kanto despite everything else going on. Zero was able to secure the Saffron Dojo. PlatinumHowler went to Pewter City and kicked the assistants of the Fallarbor Academy Research Team out of the city.

In other news, it appears that Professor Trevor Eucalyptus and the noted researcher Bill had a meeting to bury an old hatchet in the name of science. Rumors say that the cause of the strife between the two had something to do with the Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty, but these have been unsubstantiated.

With the Wanderers and the Fallarbor researchers clearly ready to fight Team Requiem, spirits are raising in Johto while those in Kanto are still secure in the thought that they are in good hands.

Map after Week 7



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