Kanto-Johto War: Week Six


The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. To see the current state of the game, check out the War Games page on IONGameCorner.com. The Interregional Overwatch Network articles will chronicle the progress of the game each week in conjunction with the pieces written by the individual players in the game.

Ghostly War Parade: Persistence of Spirit


Again. It happened again. I allowed myself to get distracted from the battle and lost control of it. There seems to be no way for me to get Ecruteak City at this point. Even with the help of the Gambler, it seems we are no match for Alastar. The time has finally come, I guess. I sent Horus ahead of us to Olivine to inform Cebarra that I would like to have a private meeting with him upon arriving at headquarters. The trip back didn’t take long and when I got back, Cebarra was waiting for me. We both walked into my office and we stayed there discussing long and hard about what should be done. Finally, I told Cebarra that I would allow him to use some of his power in order to make sure that we would be successful in our quest to bring about world peace. We decided that I have been trying to hold back and not hurt others that were with me every time that we went to Ecruteak City and that now I was to go alone so as to truly use all that I had in my arsenal. We would be sending Gambit to the National Park in order for him to potentially get the train that way, in case I lost my battles once again. And Cebarra, well, he was on his own way to reach the Sevii Islands in the hopes of possibly locating Mew down there. We emerged from the office with my hope ever high this time around. This week would hopefully be the week where I would take Ecruteak City and reunite with a long lost friend that I had left there long ago.

I made the trek back to Ecruteak City for the third time in the last month. I hoped that I wouldn’t run into anyone there this time for the sake of my team. Horus returned from scoping out the area ahead and he seemed agitated. I called on Rem, asking her to translate for me what Horus was trying to tell me. Rem had been my first Pokémon and we shared a link that most of my other Pokémon couldn’t quite reach. I twas her that opened my mind and allowed me to get as close as I have to spirit realm. With a little time, it came to my attention that up ahead was a member of the Wanderers, but not Alastar, as well as someone else approaching the city.

I called them both back and continued walking towards the city. Sure enough, Rem had translated properly and there standing at the entrance was a man bearing the seal of the Wanderers. He said his name was Sandverse, the master of the sands. Of course. Another one who uses the sands. Why wouldn’t there be two on the Wanderer’s team? I got ready to challenge him, but was interrupted by the other person who approached the city from the other end. He claimed that his name was Icy and he was here to take the city in the name of Team Requiem. I wasn’t having any of this. There was no way that this person could just waltz right in to this town and just take it when I had been trying to take it for the past three weeks. Sandverse looked and both Icy and myself and told us whoever could defeat the other would be the one whom he would battle and the loser would return to wherever he came from.

We both agreed to these terms and the battle began. It was a very close battle but I had no plans of losing this week, not after Cebarra entrusted me to take the city on my own this time so as to be able to go all out. Sure enough I was able to conquer Icy and send him back to Requiem with the message that The Ghostly War Parade was still here and strong. Sandverse stood there smiling and when I turned to face he was already prepared to battle and so was I. This would be the week that I took Ecruteak I hoped.

The battle smoke cleared and once again I stared into the eyes of the man who had impeded my conquering of Ecruteak City. It seemed that with the current team members, there would be no way for me to take over Ecruteak City. He smiled and told me to come back at any time if I wanted to play again. I walked back home the longer way, not wanting to tell my Parade what had unfolded that day. I sent out Horus ahead of me to collect info to see how everyone else was doing. Gambit made it to the park no problem and it seemed we were finally on our way to the magnet train. On the other hand, it seemed that Cebarra had also been stopped short in his journey to take the Sevii Islands. This eased my mind as I saw the Olivine Lighthouse peaking on the horizon. I would have to plan this week’s movement carefully.

The Wanderers: Ride the Lightning


When you have been more or less an outcast your entire life, you don’t take gratitude well. Generally, I feel that if someone is complimenting or thanking me, it’s because they want something… or another something, whatever the case may be. That being said, a fella could get used to this sort of thing. After defeating Spectal and Kira, rather soundly I might add, for a second time in as many weeks, I was developing a bit of a reputation for myself. But there was more to it than that.

The winds had been changing over the last several weeks. There were some in Ecruteak City who were leery of the Ghostly War Parade. Because of its renown for being a place with strong trainers who specialize in Ghost Pokémon, there are a fair share of people around the place who like to deal with spirits. Now, I’ve never claimed to be any sort of a spiritual fella, so take this for what it’s worth. The feeling is that Spectral persistence in trying to get control over Ecruteak City is, well, how to put it delicately, less than noble. Something about some sort of dark spirit dwelling within and his willingness to work with some demon called Cebarra.

I don’t know much about that, but I do know that I’ve been able to keep him as his band of ghostly fellas out of this place for the last few weeks. For that, the people here seem to be taking a liking to me. I think part of it too has to do with Alec. People are starting to see him as a beacon of a bright future amongst all the uncertainty. Our little band of misfits seems to be gaining favor throughout Johto.

So, on top of the people of Ecruteak being thankful for keeping the Parade out, Alec has been expressing his gratitude as well for me holding down the fort. He also apologized for asking me to stay to defend Ecruteak City for so long. Truth be told, I didn’t much mind it now that I look back because, well, I wouldn’t have been able to wallop the spooks otherwise.

Alec decided that is was time for me to branch out and explore a bit. There were rumblings that one of the legendary Forces of Nature, Thundurus had been spotted a little south of Ecruteak. As a reward for my ardent defense of Ecruteak, Alec offered me the chance to go and investigate. How could I say no to that?

As I headed out of Ecruteak, I thought about stories I’d heard about Thundurus as a lad. From what I could remember, the people of Unova hated the thing because it had a tendency to fire off lightning bolts all around and sparking forest fires. Sounded like the kind of chaos I could embrace.

After spending some time on Route 37, I kept going south on to Route 36. I was hoping that I didn’t have to go all the way to Route 35 in search of Thundurus. Not that I minded the chance to explore, but National Park was between the two routes. We’d heard that the Parade has been in the area a few times lately. As much as I’d have enjoyed giving them another thrashing, I had more important business to attend to.

The best way to describe Route 36 was that it was as if someone decided to cut a path through the forest but only wanted one way in or out. Either way, there were plenty of trees all around the area. Lucky for me, I could see some smoke in the distance, which led me to believe I was on the right track. I believe the saying is that where there’s smoke, there’s a legendary Pokémon shooting lightning bolts all around. I may not have that exactly right, but you get the point.

As I got closer to the smoke, I was able to catch a glimpse of a figure seemingly darting through the air on a cloud. Suddenly, it was right in front of me. There was Thundurus. For a split second, I thought I was about to be on the receiving end of a lightning delivery, but quickly released that the Pokémon was examining me. Perhaps it saw someone, who like itself, was misunderstood by the world and cast aside. Or the more likely scenario that it sensed another soul that enjoyed a little bit of chaos.

Whatever the case was, it lowered itself toward the ground until it was at eye level with me. I’ll never claim to truly know what a Pokémon is thinking. I don’t speak their language and they don’t speak mine. But, I could tell that for some reason Thundurus was reaching an accord with me. I pointed toward the tree that was on fire and Thundurus started to create a bit of a gust of wind in the direction of the tree. The fire was dwindling.

I gave it another look. Thundurus stopped the whirlwind. I couldn’t really tell, but I think it may have been smiling at me. Thundurus fired another bolt of lightning into the tree, reigniting the flame. I laughed. We had definitely reached an accord.

Interregional Overwatch Network

Kanto Finally Sees Action… Sort Of, While Ecruteak City Still Under Fire

by Scoops McGee, ION Special Reporter

Ecruteak City – For the first time in several weeks, there was conflict within Kanto borders. However, the action was on Mt. Ember in the Sevii Islands, so the mainland was once again quiet.

Cebarra of the Ghostly War Parade attempted to take control of the Mt. Ember area, which had been secured by HOPE. Custos was sent in to defend it from the rumored demon.

Custos (HOPE) vs. Cebarra (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Kanto News Network

The victory by Custos not only drove Cebarra back out of the Sevii Islands, but also put him in possession of the Old Sea Map. It would appear that Cebarra was on the hunt for Mew. The rest of HOPE was quiet again as Zero and PlatinumHowler were seen in Saffron City and Vermilion City, respectively.

The Ghostly War Parade suffered another setback this week in their seemingly endless quest to get into Ecruteak City. This time, they were not the only ones looking to gain access. Early in the week, Spectral was confronted by Team Requiem’s Icy McHaggis as both were trying to get into the city. The two battled to see who would be able to continue on their mission.

Icy McHaggis (Team Requiem) vs. Spectral (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

After defeating McHaggis, Spectral was confronted by Sandverse, who was sent to defend the city by The Wanderers.

Sandverse (Wanderers) vs. Spectral (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Sandverse’s win ensured that once again Spectral and the Ghostly War Parade would not be entering Ecruteak City. Despite the group’s claim to be seeking a peace in this ordeal, many residents of Ercuteak and appreciative of The Wanderers’ efforts to keep the spiritual sect away. The other major member of the GWP, Gambit, was reported to have been around the National Park area, for reasons unknown.

The distraction in Ecruteak did however allow Team Requiem to take the vacated Violet City from The Wanderers as Barracuda Jones infiltrated the city unimpeded. Reports were that Alastar was seen in the area of Route 36 amid rumors of the appearance of Thundurus there. Firefighters were dispatched from Violet City to Route 36 this week, but it’s unclear if these stories are related.

Team Requiem was also busy in eastern Johto as Ferra clashed with Fryday of the Fallarbor Academy Research Team in New Bark Town.

Ferra (Team Requiem) vs. Fryday (Fallarbor Academy Research Team, video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

The Fallarbor scientists were attempting to expand their research into Johto, but unfortunately ran into Ferra and Team Requiem, who may be primed to extend their siege into Kanto. The professors were mostly unseen this week, but there were reports that Trevor Eucalyptus spent some time in and around Cerulean Cave.

So, while Kanto got its first taste of war in a while, it appears that it may not be long before the fighting spills over full scale. Team Requiem will make sure of that.

Map after Week 6


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