ION Yu-Gi-Oh Dimensional War

Do you play the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game? Do you have a PC? Want to join a new Yu-Gi-Oh dueling league? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the new ION Yu-Gi-Oh Dimensional War.

Created and run by ION admin Zero, the Dimensional War is play on DevPro. Here is the full rundown of how it works.

-This is a weekly play system, every Monday Zero will post the match ups for that week.
-The first week of each month, each duelist will declare which Dimension they wish to fight for. This way you can choose to change Dimensions if you want to next month. You can declare on the forum or message Zero directly.
-On the last week of the month, there is a Dimensional shift which will randomly place each duelist in a different Dimension from the one that is picked at the start of the month.
-Each game will be played on DevPro and will be a match duel, best of 3.
-We will use whatever is the current TCG banlist at the time, however you will be allowed
to use OCG exclusive cards as well.
-If a duel isn’t done in the full week time frame, then that duel is just called off and we move on to the next week of match ups.
-You can have other monsters in your extra deck, but it must be a majority for it to be considered for that dimension. For example if you are in the Synchro dimension, your extra deck must consist of 10 out of 15 Synchro Monsters. This way it is considered a Synchro deck.
-For the Standard Dimension you can have a maximum of 6 of any extra deck card frame. This means for example I pick Standard, I can’t have more than 6 XYZ cards in my extra deck. I can have 5 XYZ, 5 Synchro and 5 Fusion, or 6 XYZ, 5 Synchro and 4 Fusion, or no extra deck at all.

That’s how it works. If you’re interested in joining, check out the Dimensional War thread on the ION Game Corner forum and get yourself signed up!


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