Kanto-Johto War: Week Four


The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. To see the current state of the game, check out the War Games page on IONGameCorner.com. The Interregional Overwatch Network articles will chronicle the progress of the game each week in conjunction with the pieces written by the individual players in the game.

Ghostly War Parade: In Search of Legendary Power


Having reconvened at Olivine, we all had a rather peaceful week with just the one minor disturbance early in the week from Alastar. It’s fine, the others don’t really know that the battle had happened, or rather they weren’t aware that the Wanderers had made their presence known to us.

I had heard rumors that a technologically advanced bug Pokemon, which I could only assume meant the legendary Genesect, would be appearing around the National Park in the following week sometime. After talking to the members of the War Parade it was decided that Cebarra would be the one to answer its call and attempt to tame it in the name of the Parade.

As for myself and Gambit, we felt it was time to start making moves towards retrieving the legendary bird Zapdos, which was rumored to be housed in the Power Plant right outside of Rock Tunnel in Kanto. The first step to acquiring it, though, requires that both me and Gambit finally venture out into the war that has been raging on for the past few weeks. Chances are that Alastar or one of the other members of the Wanderers will be there. Hopefully we will be able to acquire Ecruteak City so as to gain access to the Magnet Train. As I bid farewell to Cebarra and let him know that I would send orders by way of Horus in the future, me and Gambit proceeded onto the path connecting Olivine and Ecruteak.

Fallarbor Academy Research Team: The Pen is Mightier

From the desk of Professor Eucalyptus

Field Journal – Day 24


Field Journal – Day 25

I should probably explain my outburst yesterday. On the day our party arrived in Kanto, I noticed something very important was missing from my bag – my pen. Now, this may seem like only a minor nuisance, but that pen is very special to me. I’ve had it since I was a boy living in Cinnabar Island. In fact, it has led me to some very valuable discoveries, the most important of which were my twin phoenixes, Fervor and Valor. Yes, it was on a different search for that very same pen that I discovered a Torchic and a Fletchling. They were buried in a pile of meteorite dust, which had altered their feathers’ color to a smooth gold and soft orange, respectively. It reminded me of my mother’s peach pie. Mmmm, my stomach is rumbling thinking about it. I took them home and named them after the twin planetary rovers that had launched that very same year. They have been my close companions ever since.

Anyway, I digress, my point is that the pen is very valuable to me. The damned thing doesn’t write, but it’s necessary to this expedition all the same. Aside from my birds, my searches for it have led me to many places I never would’ve thought otherwise. Through a hidden passage behind the waterfall in Meteor Falls, into a lost chamber within Mt Coronet, one time even into the Academy President Lanette’s Secret Base! Boy, did I get an earful for that one…

This time, I found it within an angry cave dwarf’s lair in Victory Road. It must have fallen out of my bag while Cici and I were flying over and the dwarf picked it up. He really didn’t want to part with it. The first time I was there, he gave me a fake along with a runty little Sableye in the hopes I wouldn’t notice. I gave it to Fryday and he was overjoyed. Not sure why, the pesky thing won’t stand still. I was just trying to pawn it off on him.

Once I got back to the city, I quickly realized the pen wasn’t mine and planned another trip into Victory Road. Fryday was droning on about some swarm of killer Beedrill within Viridian Forest. Said he should take them out because he once owned a Weedle, so he understands the Beedrill hive mind. Alright. I need him to set up our station at Mt Moon anyway, so it fits my agenda.

After a long trek back to the cave, I finally found that annoying dwarf with my real pen. What a nightmare. Of course the dwarf threw a fit. I wrestled it out of his bag while he threw a continuous stream of raspy curse words at me. Luckily I could outrun him. I was sure glad to be away from that. My pen worked it’s magic again, though. The dwarf’s cave had a secret passage in it that I believe leads to a high point on the Indigo Plateau. It should be a great place to make observations of the unusual meteor activity that brought me to Kanto in the first place. I’ve currently set up camp within the passage, with Fervor and Artagnon on guard, just in case that dwarf or his band of wild Pokémon come looking for us.

Field Journal – Day 26

Well, I was right again. I’m getting a little tired of that. (haha, no) That passage did lead to the highest point on Indigo Plateau. The view is absolutely stunning. I can see the entire Kanto and Johto regions from up here. With Sparkicus possessing my telescope, he is able to point with high precision into the various areas of the two regions. I found myself spending a great deal of time during the light hours of the day just observing the beauty and oddities of the regions.

There appeared to be a dust devil over the National Park in Johto. Strange. There must be some new resort kicking up sand. It would have had to have been built since the last time I visited. I hope it doesn’t interfere with the Bug Catching Contest.

From what I saw, Mahogany Town was lit last night. The place was a mess. I always used to ride Valor over there to party with my Johto friends during high school. Good to know they’re keeping on the tradition.

There was also a very bright glow out of Ecruteak today. Not that unusual, but this was visible during the day even. Must be some active Ghost Pokémon in the area.

Finally, there was this absolutely gorgeous steam geyser from the Sevii Islands just around sunset. It looked like it was coming from Birth Island, but I couldn’t be sure.

Anyway, I’m starting to see the meteor shower now. With such a high frequency and brightness factor, it is very beautiful. It almost makes me wish I hadn’t done my doctoral thesis on the adverse effects of high intensity meteor showers on preliminary and transitional Pokémon. If I hadn’t I’d be able to just enjoy it…

The Wanderers: Chaos Theory


Recent days have been… interesting, to say the least. The crackpot fella who was bringing all of the Wanderers together has vanished, without a trace. I didn’t much mind this because I felt it was going to push the whole bag of malarkey even closer to a state of chaos. But that was a short-lived hope as the little fella of the group, Alec, assumed the mantle of leadership. Despite his age, he is definitely more regimented than Axl seemed to be. That’s unfortunate for me. The kid is some sort of battling prodigy though, so I can respect that and will go along with this new path. For now.

The next odd occurrence to happen was that this fella named Sandverse came stumbling into Ecruteak City. From what I can gather, he was a part of the group who was obsessed with the weather that was try to take over and screw with the climate, or some such nonsense. It seems that the group is gone and this Sandverse fella is the only left around. He was mumbling something about being abandoned when I found him. I contacted Alec in Mahogany Town and he wanted me to offer him a spot in the Wanderers. Sandverse was more than happy to accept, or be accepted. I’m not sure which was more accurate.

Alec sent Sandverse to go check out National Park. There were some rumors that Genesect had been seen there. I would have liked to go to get my hands on it for myself. But it’s far to early to jump on the insubordination train. Instead, he instructed me to hang around in Ecruteak City in the event that one of the other factions in Johto tried to infiltrate it. Knowing that something had followed me back to Ecruteak from Olivine, that was a fairly likely scenario, and I was hoping that whoever tailed me was feeling froggy.

As it turns out, frogs like to travel in packs. And they do like to pick their spots. After Sandverse left for National Park, Spectral and one of his cronies appeared. I didn’t care how many of these spiritual marchers I had to go through, I had a receipt to deliver to Spectral.

As I prepared for battle, Spectral stepped forward. It seems that he wanted his receipt served up quickly. Honorable, if nothing else. This time, though, I was going to dictate the pace of this race. I sent out my Hippowdon to kick up some sand (Sandverse isn’t the only one who can play in a dusty field) and we were off and running. I had to do a little more bobbing and weaving than I normally like to do. I typically prefer to just punch someone in the mouth. But I wasn’t about to not learn from my prior mistakes and let his Gardevoir run roughshod over me. It paid off as Trigon finished the Gardevoir and Spectral off.

There’s a saying about killing a snake that would probably apply here, but I was just getting started. I motioned for the other fella to step up and he said something about being all in and obliged. This fella’s name was Gambit and apparently, he’s some high rolling gambler. It was another slow starting battle with a lot of shuffling the decks early on. But all it took was one opening and Mega Blaziken took over and it was time for the gambler to fold.

And with that, the Parade marched on back to where they came from. The only thing I regret is that they didn’t bring any more fellas with them for me to thrash. I did hear Spectral saying something about the Magnet Train before they tucked tail and took off. Seems that I derailed their plans to ride. Makes me think they’ll regroup and be back, unless they can find another way to board. I really hope they can’t. I can get used to playing gatekeeper, and I’m just getting warmed up.

Interregional Overwatch Network

Kanto Quiet as Johto Falls Further into Chaos

by Scoops McGee, ION Special Reporter

Violet City – Status quo was the order of the day for the most part as the Kanto region remained remarkably peaceful while Johto is locked in turmoil. There is even a building sentiment by some in Johto that they are being treated as second class citizens compared to those in Kanto.

HOPE was once again busy, in Kanto. Zero and Custos were seen fortifying their presence in eastern Kanto by setting up defenses in Celadon City and Cerulean City, respectively. Meanwhile, PlatinumHowler was reportedly seen on Birth Island amidst reports that Volcanion was witnessed in the area.

The Fallarbor Academy Research Team were also able to extend their studies unimpaired. Fryday was spotted in Mt. Moon, while Professor Jake Sequoia made an appearance in the Seafoam Islands. Reports from the Pokémon League claim that Professor Trevor Eucalyptus finally emerged from Victory Road and was seen around Indigo Plateau.

Johto, however, saw its share of strife again. Team Requiem was able to expand its control in the region as Ferra came back here to Violet City, to reclaim it. It seems that he has no issue with my reporting from here, as he enjoys people hearing of his conquests. Barracuda Jones attempted to push his way into Mahogany Town, but was met by the resistance of the new leader of the Wanderers, Alec.

Alec (Wanderers) vs. Barracuda Jones (Team Requiem), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Alec was able to stave off the attack and forced Jones to retreat back to Blackthorn City. He was not the only Wanderer to see action this week. Sandverse, who has defected from the now defunct Weather Masters, clashed with Cebarra of the Ghostly War Parade in National Park. Rumors of the emergence of Genesect there clearly drew these combatants together.

Sandverse (Wanderers) vs. Cebarra (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Cebarra’s victory gave him exclusive access to search the park, which is a cause for concern among some, as there is fear that Spectral can not control Cebarra. Speaking of Spectral, he and Gambit made their way to another of the Wanderers’ strongholds, Ecruteak City only to be met by Alastar there.

Alastar (Wanderers) vs. Spectral (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Alastar (Wanderers) vs. Gambit (Ghostly War Parade), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Alastar’s shocking win against both members of the GWP forced them back to their home base in Olivine City and is causing some alarm to those in Johto who were relying on the GWP to protect them from Team Requiem. With Spectral and his allies primarily focused on and pushed back to western Johto and HOPE clearly only concerned about Kanto, the Johto public is starting to lose faith in their chances for protection. It’s the perfect storm of chaos brewing for Ferra and Team Requiem.

Map after Week 4



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