Kanto-Johto War: Week 2


The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. To see the current state of the game, check out the War Games page on IONGameCorner.com. The Interregional Overwatch Network articles will chronicle the progress of the game each week in conjunction with the pieces written by the individual players in the game.

Fallarbor Academy Research Team: In the Name of Science

June 22

Prof. Eucalyptus sent Sequoia ahead to Pewter City with me while he searched for his lucky pen that he lost in Viridian. The man is eccentric, but I guess geniuses aren’t perfect. After all, nobody is. After FINALLY making it past some hungover old man lying on the street (we had to make him coffee), we made it into the Viridian Forest. Shortly after entering the forest, I somehow became separated from Sequoia.

As I was walking in the forest, I made the mistake of walking past a young child. I looked him in the eye and said hello. Big mistake. He told me that I had to challenge him, and when I told him no, the little runt started to cry. After a few minutes of me awkwardly standing next to a crying youngster, I finally gave in and accepted his battle challenge.

Sending out Pinkerton against his freshly caught Weedle, the little twerp began laughing. He called me stupid because I sent a fairy to fight his poison, and he claimed he would win because poison beats fairy. Pinkerton then proceeded Moonblast the heck out of that worm. But of course, it misses. I don’t know why, but it does. Anyways the Weedle uses its Poison Sting attack…and poisons my Clefable. I quickly beat the Weedle, but the damage has been done…Pinkerton has been poisoned. I take the kid’s allowance as he runs off crying, holding a Weedle in terrible shape. As I look down, Pinkerton rings a bell and cures her poison.

Then, out of nowhere, another 5 kids appeared and challenged me to horde battle…Who even comes up with such an unfair battle rule set? It’s literally a 1 vs. 5 battle. Anyways, I accept, and long story short, Pinkerton gets poisoned again. After the battle I ran into a horde of wild Weedles…and, well, you see the pattern. Eventually Pinkerton ran out of Heal Bells and succumbed to poison.

Then, another person appeared, and, of course, I figured it was another kid. Wrong. It was some guy that basically told me to leave the region. He thought I was a war criminal that had connections to a group known as the Weather Masters. I told him that I had no clue what he was talking about, and he didn’t believe me. I had had it with the day at that point, and proceeded to battle him. The battle was tough, I will give him that. So, I proceeded to bring out the big guns and Mega Evolve Silver. A great sandstorm whipped up as a result. I do well in the sand, generally, but today was not my day. He Mega Evolved his Garchomp and at that moment, I was just done with this day. The Garchomp beat my team senseless, and I fled to Viridian City.

In Viridian, I healed up my Pokémon, and ran into Sequoia in the Pokémon Center. Apparently, he was beaten in battle by a powerful stranger too. At the Pokémon Center, while Sequoia was in the bathroom, the radio played an eerie message. It stated that war has engulfed the Kanto-Johto region. So, yeah. I am stuck in a war zone, and if the professors found out, we would have to head home to Hoenn. I have invested too much into this trip to let it go to waste, research must continue at all costs, and the professors must not find out about the war!

Eucalyptus found his pen, and explained that he found some new Pokémon for us at the Victory Road. I guess a cave dwarf was on a losing streak and traded away his Sableye. The Sableye that I got is one playful little bugger. I shall call her Twitch.

I had a meeting in the evening with the professors. I’ve convinced them to stay away from Viridian Forest and let me handle it. Looks like my plan is working so far: they are unaware of the events. Now all I need to do is go to Pewter City, that shouldn’t be too hard, right?


Fallarbor Academy Research Team:  Sequoia’s Field Journal: Week 3 of Fallarbor Academy Research Team Kanto Study

Returned to Pallet town this week. Great to see Professor Oak again, I haven’t seen him since my internship at the Cinnabar Research Lab. Professor Oak seemed as confused as I when the citizens of Pallet presented me with a Kangaskhan, Ditto, and Porygon2, as they dropped to their knees and begged me to spare them. I don’t remember Kanto being so confusing.

Oak offered me a place to stay while I prep to visit Cinnabar. Hopefully things will be a little more normal there. I miss the folks at the lab, and the sandy beaches. And of course, one of the best fossil collections this side of Kalos. But no one can drink like Oak.

We all have our own reason for being here. Mine of course is the seemingly small amount of diversity within the Kanto fossil record. Though the diversity is minimal, the preservation is exquisite. Hopefully some new dig sites and drill cores can provide a more comprehensive view of Kanto’s paleogeographic history. I am most interested in the caves beneath Mount Moon, and how they compare to Cerulean Cave, the Seafoam Islands, and Rock Tunnel.

Maybe I can get Blaine to join me on my expedition after a few drinks. I’ve gotten him to agree to crazier things.

Ghostly War Parade: The Resolve of a Champion

Horus arrived back to me just as I saw Cianwood City on the horizon. He came bearing news from my associate in Ecruteak City that there seemed to be talks about advancement into Olivine which is now uninhabited. It wasn’t certain whether they would be advancing to Olivine next or checking out the Burned Tower but it was pretty certain that Olivine was on the radar for conquering.

I wasn’t about to let that happen, not while we had only just started out on our journey towards peace. I quickly attached a note to Horus’ leg telling the other two to “return back to Olivine until they hear back from me, and to be prepared to defend the city from any intruders. I also included that I would probably not be much longer on the sea before returning to the mainland once again.” I watched as Horus disappeared in the light of the sun. He would return to me before the day ended with word from the two of them.

Sure enough, as I was about to arrive in Cianwood City, I saw Horus’ shape in the sky approaching. Written at the end of the note that I had sent were acknowledgments from the other two that they would return with great speed to stand as defenders of Olivine until I got there. As I looked at the port of Cianwood City approaching, only one thought crossed my mind, which made me smile with anticipation. Let them invade and declare war on us, we will eliminate any who oppose the War Parade with due diligence.

After a long trek across the Whirl Islands, I finally reached Cianwood City. As I got off of Jellicent, I was greeted by a strange assortment of Pokémon who were having a lot of fun dancing. Amongst them were a Machamp, Scrafty, and a Toxicroak. I danced with them a bit then headed into the city. I spent the next couple of days there talking with the town leaders about the war and hopefully being able to use the island as a safe haven should my team need it. After talking for a few hours we came to an understanding that they wouldn’t fight in the war but should we need a place to retreat to they would allow us. They did say that they wouldn’t favor us in the war but at least they would allow us to stay here when we needed it.

While at Cianwood City for the couple of days I was told I could stay, I received word that my duties as Champion of the ION League would not be put on hold and that I was expected at the stadium the next day at high noon for my first defense of the title. I made some quick preparations for the battle and spent the night practicing with the new team trying to get them to work as a unit. It all seemed like it would work well and as morning arrived I got on Horus and directed him to where he should go. Having flown on Horus plenty I was comfortable enough to doze off for a bit so as to have some sleep and not go into this battle on no sleep.

Dreams of the war and what could happen in the near future were all I had and I fitfully slept the couple of hours it took Horus to get to the stadium. I took a few moments upon arriving to make sure all my friends were properly equipped for the upcoming title defense. Once I was satisfied I went onto the platform and it rose up into cheering crowds though this one seemed smaller than the last one when I had won the title. The war was even affecting the league here in our stadium. I shook my head. I had to remember that this battle was just as important as the war I had just left behind for the day.

Draexzhan’s platform also rose from the ground and he looked just as determined as I had been on my championship match not even a month ago. These title matches are always done in a best of three format and our first match was a very close match but he managed to pull ahead and I just couldn’t quite get caught up in time, though Lucy, my Sylveon, tried very hard. While healing up, I began to worry about my War Parade and hoping that they weren’t trying to get in contact with me trying to figure out what to do next once they arrived back at Olivine. I tried to shake those thoughts from my head but in the end I just couldn’t forget the war and ended up losing the second battle. Draexzhan battled very well and he deserves to be the Champion of the ION League. At least during the war the league shall have a Champion that wont be distracted by multiple things happening at the same time.

My Parade members may look down at me for having lost the title, but this isn’t the last that the champion has seen of me. When this war has finished, I will return and I will reclaim my title and do it honor. I bid everyone still at the league goodbye and got back onto Horus and proceeded to head back to Cianwood City to see if I had received any news from Gambit or Cebarra. I would have to figure out what to do next but that would have to wait until I got back to Cianwood City so that I could figure out the state of the region and proceed from there.

After a few days, it was time to get back to the war. My teammates should be awaiting my orders, so it should be time that I return to the mainland. I called out Horus, it would be faster to fly with the winds than to surf back. Just before I got on though the Machamp, Scrafty and Toxicroak came back out of the woods and greeted me and seemed to want to come with me to help out in the war. I agreed to let them come thinking that they would be a good addition to all of our teams.


Interregional Overwatch Network

Skirmishes Break Out as Agendas Spread Farther

by Scoops McGee, ION Special Reporter

New Bark Town – The Johto region has been gripped by the conflict growing and appears ready to erupt into full scale war. Reports from the western peninsula have the now former ION Pokémon League World Champion, Kira, or Spectral as he is being referred to, reaching an accord with the heads of Cianwood City to allow the Ghostly War Parade safe passage there. There was concern about how the former champion would respond upon returning from his championship loss, but those in Cianwood claim that he is now fully resolved on the matters in Johto and Kanto without distraction.

Meanwhile, Team Requiem made their presense felt in central and eastern Johto. Ferra has returned to Violet City, making it well known that he is now in possession of the GS Ball. All the while, his underlings were involved in all of the fighting in Johto that took place this week.

Barracuda Jones made his way back to Dark Cave to once again attempt to claim it in the name of Team Requiem, as well as avenge his defeat there. He was met by the Weather Masters’ sandstorm expert, Sandverse.

Barracuda Jones (Team Requiem) vs. Sandverse (Weather Masters), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

Jones was able to drive the sand specialist out of Dark Cave and reportedly back to Blackthorn City. Team Requiem’s other executive member, Icy McHaggis attempted to infiltrate Ecruteak City. There, he met the resistance of one of the mysterious Wanderers.

Icy McHaggis (Team Requiem) vs. Alec (Wanderers), video courtesy of Johto Broadcasting Company News

The victory of Alec forced McHaggis to halt his advance and retreat to Goldenrod City. The Wanderers were seen in areas of Johto as well. A new member that goes by the name of Alastar also emerged in Ecruteak City. It appears that he was inspired by Alec’s battling to join the Wanderer cause.

The major news involving the group was that the leader ventured into the Burned Tower. The former Brass Tower seems an apt place for this mysterious group to seek out. Unsubstantiated reports have claimed that shortly after Axl arrived there that the beasts of Johto legend, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune were spotted dashing away from the tower in various directions.

While the Weather Masters lost control of Dark Cave, they made inroads toward the Johto/Kanto border. Riley seized control of Cherrygrove City, while the leader, Aya has overrun New Bark Town. Under the guise of reporting on the Fallarbor Academy Research Team’s Professor Trevor Eucalyptus’ research, I made my way through Victory Road and into Johto and New Bark Town. I was present when the Weather Masters’ leader made her presence known.

With New Bark Town being such a small town, and the majority of trainers there being young trainers who are just starting their Pokémon journeys, there was not much resistance to be found. Spending my time here in Professor Elm’s lab, which has been raided for his research on Pokémon evolution and breeding, I have been speaking with Elm to determine what can be done. Elm said, “I have reached out to Professor Samuel Oak in Pallet Town, but have been unable to get a response from him yet. He appears to be currently engrossed in something.” Elm may be counting on Oak being able to reach HOPE for assistance.

Reports from Kanto are that HOPE was once again involved in an altercation with the Fallarbor Academy Research Team. The whole thing seems odd, as the researchers seem like the least of the problems currently, if they are even a problem at all. With the obvious dubious Weather Masters and Team Requiem, along with the wild card Wanderers and Ghostly War Parade in Johto, the public is wondering in HOPE’s efforts would be better spent here as opposed to trying to secure Kanto.

HOPE generals Custos and PlatinumHowler pursued Professor Jake Sequoia and Fryday of the Fallarbor Academy Research Team toward Viridian City. Fryday met them on Route 2.

Custos (HOPE) vs. Fryday (Fallarbor Academy Research Team), video courtesy of Kanto News Network

PlatinumHowler (HOPE) vs. Fryday (Fallarbor Academy Research Team), video courtesy of Kanto News Network

Victorious against both Custos and PlatinumHowler, Fryday not only forced them back from Viridian City, but also back through Diglett’s Cave to Vermillion City. While this was going, Professor Sequoia was seen in Pallet Town with Professor Oak, which may explain why Elm has been unable to reach him.

Although HOPE was set back from the western portion of Kanto, the group’s leader Zero was able to secure Fuschia City. While this has bolstered morale among the citizens of Kanto, it hasn’t done much to quell the fears of those here in Johto. While some are looking to the Ghostly War Parade to help liberate the seized cities and town, there are many who are leery of the true intentions of some clearly powerful and unpredictable spirits. The one clear thing is that hope is not something in high supply these days in Johto.

Map after Week Two




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