Kanto-Johto War: Prologue

The Kanto-Johto War is a team Pokémon battling event where teams of 3 compete to win control of the Kanto and Johto regions. Throughout the game, various players will be chronicling their characters as they progress. Those pieces, along with news summaries will serve to tell the story of the Kanto-Johto War. This post contains introductory pieces written by some of the players in the game. Enjoy!

Fallarbor Academy Research Team


To: Fallarbor Academy Board of Regents
From: Professor Trevor Eucalyptus

I am just following up on my recent proposal for funding to travel to the Kanto-Johto Region with my research team, consisting of my colleague, Professor Jake Sequoia, and Fryday, my graduate research assistant. The registration form with the information you requested is enclosed. My team will be following shortly with their own forms.

Thank you for your time,

Professor Trevor Eucalyptus, Ph.D.


To: Fallarbor Academy Board of Regents
From: Professor Jake Sequoia

As you are probably aware, the Fallarbor Academy Research Team will be conducting field research into the recent changes in Pokemon behavior in the Kanto-Johto Region. Enclosed is the updated registration form. A list of supplies and provisions for the trip will be following shortly, as well as a fully documented budget for the excursion.

I hope this finds you well.


Professor Jake Sequoia, Ph.D.

From the personal journal of Michael Fry Day:

June 2, 2016,

It isn’t long before my departure for the Kanto-Johto with Professors Eucalyptus and Sequoia. They will be studying the effects of meteorite activity on the behavior of pokemon on the region. I offered my help to Eucalyptus, letting him know that I can use my knowledge of metals to be of use. After all, almost all meteors are highly magnetic, and if anyone can find them, its me and Magneto.

Prof Eucalyptus is one of the most well respected professors in the world, and if I can prove myself to him, a letter of recommendation would allow me get my doctorate anywhere. This is my ticket to Sinnoh Technical Ferrous University (STFU) in Canalave city for my doctorate. I wonder what it will be like working with him, it will be an honor working with a true genius.

In addition to helping out the professors with their research, I will also be working on a magnetic survey of the region for my thesis. Who knows, maybe I will fine the next big iron deposit? Either way, things are looking up to me, and I will be set for life. It would take a war sized situation to stop me now, and whats the chances of that happening, like one in a billion.

It will be nice to return to Goldenrod, It really has been a few years since Dereg and I have been back home. I wonder how everyone is doing?

The Ghostly War Parade

To whom it may concern in the International Police Force,

As the current ION Champion, it is my duty to the Kanto-Johto region to step up and help to defend this region that I have grown to love these past few years of peace. Though not much, I hope that with this participation I can at the very least make up for the atrocities that I ran from in the previous war; even skirting my duties as the past Lavender Town Gym leader.

The Ghostly War Parade will be comprised of the following individuals; Myself as the leader, the gambler himself; Gambit, and The Ancient Terror; Ruppy. We shall be operating out of my hometown of Lavander Town. Below will be enclosed the necessary information required to show my credentials and I will hope that my other members shall write to you soon. Now, watch as the Ghostly Parade marches in a new era of peace among the region.


This is the account of how The Ghostly War Parade came into being and the reasoning for the choices which I have made.

It has become apparent to me that there has been a growing tension inside off the ION League in these past few months, between different groups of people. As I made my way to the top of the ladder here in the league, it grew more and more apparent to me that things were not all how they seemed. I noticed little things here and there in the way people acted recently that had not been apparent to me prior. Sure enough as I reached the top the tension between all finally snapped and the thing I avoided three years ago came to fruition right before my eyes. The great war that had swept through my home region of Kanto was once again threatening to sweep through not only Kanto but also Johto this time. Why these wars happen is beyond me though this time there is no running from this. Unlike last time there is no way that the Champion of the ION League can avoid partaking in this War, nor would I want to. This will be my way of making up for running from the war last time.

Though I ran, I did keep an eye on the developments of the war and how it seemed that one all the fighting had died down a peace had fallen on the land. I had decided to come back under the name of OverlordKira, just so that those who were from the Kanto region may not recognize me as the Lavender Town Gym Leader who had run away when his country had needed him the most. In the three years that I have been in this league I have made many new friends and allies and apparently some whom I considered allies may now be turning into enemies of this peace which I so loved. I have decided that time has come to not hide who I am anymore and reveal to the world that my true name is in fact Spectral and that I will avenge myself for what I did three years ago. Let those I have become allied with mock me for having fled like a coward, I am done hiding and will no longer stand by as I watch the region I love so much fall into ruins around me. The Ghostly War Parade will march to the beat of a new drum and bring about a peace to the region that shall last eternally. The first step though is to find out which members of the ION League I trust the most to invite to join in my march.

On my rise I, did find one member who peaked my interest more so for what I felt in his aura and spirit than anything else. Whenever we fought, it was always a grand battle but in the past month as I watched his battles I have noticed a change. It began with his first couple of losses he seemed to have gotten discouraged or something and on his third loss in a row it confirmed my suspicions. With every loss he had had I felt a swell in the darkness radiating from him. I called upon the forces that I had learned to harness when I was younger and living in Lavender Town and came to find out that Ruppy was the vessel to a much older, and eviler spirit known as Cebarra. I knew that should he continue to lose more battles the binding that was keeping Cebarra at bay would soon break and his wrath would be expelled around the region unabashed. It was this spirit whom I came to invite first to my parade for I knew that should anyone else gain control of this power they would likely cause a shift in the war that would not be stopped. I knew that should Cebarra lose control I would be able to control him in part and allow for Ruppy to take control once again.

I was worried about what would happen when I asked, for I knew that Cebarra was far older and more evil than anything else in the region. I approached Ruppy one night, and without thinking I began to address Cebarra. “Spirit that dost reside within this vessel I beseech thee to listen to what I have to offer thee.” I held my breath expecting the worst to happen but all that escaped Ruppy’s lips was one word, “Yeeeessss?” and that word cut me deep in my soul, so I knew I was dealing with Cebarra. “I come here out of necessity and wish to implore upon thee a request,” I said looking into Cebarra’s eyes. “Continue mortal, thine words intrigue meee.” its words escaped Ruppy’s mouth as a rasping noise similar to a voice not being used in so long. I grew more confident in my resolve that I should be the one to control this being, “I wish to borrow thine powers to aid me in the war that will be breaking out soon. My goal for this war is to finally end the war and strife that abound throughout the region once and for all. This will be reached by any means even if thine power must be unleashed unto this land to reach that peace then that I shall do.” I heard what sounded like a chuckle coming from Cebarra, “Thy offer is intriguing to say the least. I shall humor thine request and should thy need my full strength then be warned that not even thy spiritual power shall be able to quench my need for vengeance.” These words sent chills down my spine unlike any ghost or spirit has ever been able to do to me but I smiled. We shook hands in agreement that what had transpired would be honored should the time come. It was time to go visit an old friend of mine to see if he would join in my grand parade.

I knew that Gambit would be in Celadon City, most likely at the casino that had just been reopened there. He said that he liked it there because he had bigger chances of being able to win there and still feel like he had to utilize skill to do it. He claimed that he was in possession of the ability of supernatural luck and that he could most days mold the odds into his favor. I knew he was a risk taker even in Pokemon battles but still I would trust in his supernatural abilities to modify the odds into our favor rather than trust that power into someone else’s hands. The game corner as it was called was a very impressive and large building that rivaled even the department store nearby. I had been here a couple of times recently to see how it was coming along and still the elation of the risks that occurred within those walls still made me elated. I walked in and on the far wall playing what looked like poker of some sort sat Gambit, his hat pulled over his eyes as he laid down a bet. I walked over to the table and watched him pull from behind and win the hand he had kept which seemed to have had no way of possibly winning. He collected his chips and looked up at me smiling.

He stood up from the table, tipping the dealer a decent amount as he collected his chips to go exchange them for actual cash. We walked together for a little, I knew not to bother him while he was in his gambling mode so waited patiently while he exchanged his chips. After a few minutes he looked back at me, “So let me guess the bindings that have held the league together these past few years have finally snapped?” I was taken aback not realizing that he actually knew what had been going on. “Yeah it has, and I come to you with a request involving this war that has been sparked,” I said looking back at him. “I assumed as much, since you are rarely seen in here,” he said smugly. “Yeah, yeah, you say that you have a level of luck that is beyond this world if that is so then prove to me and to the region what that luck truly is by joining my team and helping restore the peace that has been shattered in this world,” I said, “join in my Ghostly War Parade.” He looked at me amused, I could tell by the look in his eyes, “that’s an interesting name for the group, I guess I have nothing better to do these upcoming months. Sure why the hell not I will prove to you that my luck extends even beyond the poker tables and into my everyday life.” He stated as he shook my hand.

I left the casino and headed back to Mr. Fuji’s house, it was time for me to start up some intense training so that I may be more prepared for would be expected of me in this war. About a week after meeting with both of them I sent them each a letter via Talonflame. I told them that we were to meet in two days time to discuss the teams that each of us would be bring to the war with us in the initial attacks. I hope that Cebarra won’t be too had to handle but he seemed more inclined to join my cause then to oppose it so I have high hopes. With the team that I have gathered The Ghostly War Parade shall march a new era of peace into these regions.

There shall be more to come but for now this is all I can say on this matter;


Gambit’s Story

Entry 1

I sit down at the bar, tender pours me a scotch on the rocks. I politely cough and he adds a little more and leaves the bottle. I see a youngster across the room, looks down on his luck, drinking some Beedrill bottom shelf swill. I motion him over and pour him a drink. He takes a sip and starts coughing, I chuckle a little and slap him on the back.
“Th-Thanks for the drink mister” he manages to cough out. As I look at him from under the brim of my hat it’s like looking in a mirror from ages ago.
“Well son, I’ve been around a while and been in your spot a few times. If you don’t mind my saying, looks like you’re down to your last chip and you’re out of aces”
He looked at me perplexed for a moment, then took another sip of his drink. “Yeah, I’ve had a good run of bad luck”
As he finished his sentence a Klefki came flying across the room. He looked a little puzzled, since this klefki only had a couple keys, but a bunch of other little trinkets. a piece of a broken pokeball, a pokechip, a bunnery foot. I reached over and grabbed the piece of paper attached to it and started reading as i pulled a pokesnack out of my jackets and held it up for him.
A sly smile creeped across my face, “Well son, we may be out of this underground lowball pit, how do you feel about making a little extra money?”
His eyes lit up, the same as mine at the mention of money, “Meet me at the Celadon casino tomorrow evening”
“But the casino there has been shut down for years” I slammed my glass down as I finished, and left the sheet of paper under the glass. “Bottles on me kid” I said as I started walking out.

Entry 2

Kid’s a no show. Guess he didn’t want some extra pocket change. Haven’t been here in a while, Casino looks brand new. Does a gamblers heart good to see all these poor suckers with pockets full of money for the easy pickings. I walk in and quickly find my favorite game of cards, Cinnabar Hold-em. Game is going well, winning the big hands, loosing enough little hands no one suspects anything. It’s getting pretty late, I’m thinking of turning in for the night when i get dealt a most peculiar hand. Ace Eight ugly black. I feel the atmosphere in the casino change, but no one else seems to notice. Call. 2 of diamonds, 7 of spades, Jack of diamonds. Well that’s interesting. Bet, a couple calls, a couple folds. 8 of Clubs. The fool across the table made his pair, his pinky twitches whenever he gets a bite of anything. I’ve got a little bit of a chill, and I can feel someone staring at me. He bets, I raise, he looks confused but calls. Ace of spades on the river. Dead Man’s. All in, he calls, he cries, has a few choice words for me. I gather up my chips and leave a stack for the dealer. Turn around and sure enough standing not 3 feet behind me in Kira. Not exactly who I was expecting to see at a casino. Nice of The Lady to give me a whole 30 second head up that he was coming. Lady Luck can be a cruel mistress. Guess I’m stuck with whatever is going on now. I think about why He’d be here now, clearly following me. Probably something to do with that Pokémon battle league I dabbled in while gambling was still ‘Against the law’. League seemed rocky while I was there, some big battle was about to break out. Well, whats the worse that happens? Some times to have a little fun, you need to gamble your life so lets give it a shot.

Team Reqiuem

For years now, I have searched for the ultimate power. Now I’m closer than ever. I had been laying low in the first war, using Team Upstairs as a cover while I did my research on the Kanto region. Learning it’s layout, defenses, and of course its hidden treasures. I delved deep into the darkness in the pursuit of power. Those who have found me out or gotten in my way have been laid to waste or awed by my power and have joined my cause. I am closer now than I have ever been to achieving what I seek.

I believe that I have found what I am looking for and nothing will stop me from attaining it. Now that what I seek is so close it is time to step out from behind the veil and make bolder moves. No doubt heroes will rise to challenge me to try to maintain whatever balance they believe this world holds, needs, or deserves. They will fall in vain as I rise.

Nothing can stop me now, I don’t care if even civilians have to fall in my wake.


Heroes Organized for the Protection of Everyone (HOPE)

With war about to break out once again across the Kanto and Johto regions, the Heroes were looking for one last piece to round out their dream team. They had the tactical team leader in Zero, and the wielder of immense firepower in Custos. Now all they needed was to employ someone wise, who would ensure that the heroes never charged into battle ill-prepared, who could gather intel on the teams of the enemy and use that to build the best team possible to take them down. The minute Zero and Custos came to this conclusion, there was only one man (teenager :P) who fit the bill – PlatinumHowler, the ION Preparation Master! With PlatinumHowler’s counter-teaming expertise, the heroes are sure not to crumble in the face of the darkness engulfing the region.





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