The Kanto-Johto War

On Monday, the next ION Game Corner Pokémon event is set to begin, the Kanto-Johto War. A few years ago, we did the Kanto War Game, which was a team game in which teams battled for control of the Kanto region. Some tweaks have been made to the game and we’re ready for the next go round. This time, the game’s map will be a combined Kanto and Johto map.

We currently have spots available for a full team of 3 plus one individual players, or 4 spots in all. A full team would be guaranteed a spot, as would 1 individual player. We just need to ensure that we have even teams of 3. We have 2 individual players currently signed up and looking for a team, so there’s even some room to play around with if we get 2 pairs or 2 people who would like to join.

All of the information for the game can be found in the Kanto-Johto War thread on the IGC forums. If you’re interested, check it out and sign up there. Sunday is the deadline to join, so jump on it quick!


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