ION Pokémon League: Week of 5/30/2016

The ION Pokémon League is an ongoing Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here.

Roxy vs. Custos

Big Jake vs. Gambit

Alexander vs. Fryday

Connor vs. Sethyas

Chibi vs. Lemur

Draexzhan vs. Alec

Trevor vs. Teslamouse

Howler vs. Agent G

Zero vs. Steven

Sandverse vs. Ruppy

Champion Bonus Challenge

Teslamouse vs. Kira

Current Rankings:

This week marks the introduction of a new two division system to the IPL and a new championship for the IPL trainers to fight for, the Interregional Championship!

IPL World Champion: Kira

Trainer – Points

Draexzhan – 31
Zero – 30
Howler – 28
Ruppy – 27
Sethyas – 26
Chibi – 26
Custos – 18
Sandverse – 16
Alexander – 0

IPL Interregional Champion: vacant

Steven – 30
Teslamouse – 20
Alec – 18
Agent G – 12
Fryday – 12
Lemur – 8
Roxy – 6
Big Jake – 6
Gambit – 4
Trevor – 2
Connor – 2

This Week:

Agent G vs. Sethyas
Ruppy vs. Steven
Custos vs. Connor
Lemur vs. Trevor
Alexander vs. Roxy
Alec vs. Chibi
Sandverse vs. Draexzhan
Fryday vs. Howler
Big Jake vs. Zero
Gambit vs. Teslamouse

Champion Bonus Challenge:
Ruppy vs. Kira


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