League of Legends: ION Facecheckers Club

With the advent of the new club system in League of Legends, the ION Game Corner has a club of its own starting up, the ION Facecheckers.

Started by a group of friends, the ION Facecheckers will be accepting new players into the fold. Currently we have players ranked from Bronze to Platinum. Potential new prospects have the satisfy one major requirement: NO TOXICITY

Since I started playing LoL last year, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The one and only aspect that has ever caused me to want to stop playing is the high level of toxic players that are among the player base. I don’t know if it’s just an inherent hazard of competitive play or the combination of that and the relative anonymity of the internet, but regardless, the toxic players of LoL are the one real downside of the game.

So, the ION Facecheckers will not be a home for toxic players. Everyone makes a mistake and has a bad day or reaction to something. But continuously toxic players will not be tolerated and removed from the club. I won’t have the ION name associated with that sort of nonsense.

Other than that, we welcome players looking for some new friends to hit the rift with. If you’re interested in joining, you can email me (iongamecorner at gmail dot com) or message me (my summoner name is Aurethious) in game.


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