ION Game Corner Extra Life Streams

In 2016, I have decided to commit to doing 2 charity streams through Extra Life to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. Here is the info from the new ION Game Corner Extra Life Team page. I’ll have some more info about the first stream after.

Hello everyone,

Everyone who does an Extra Life fundraiser has a story. Whether it’s a personal one or just a desire to do good and help out, something drives each person. Here is my story.

I never got to meet my brother-in-law, Jason. He passed away in 2004 after a fight with leukemia. His spirit has been kept strong ever since then by his family and friends. I’m come to know him through them. Boston Children’s Hospital did a great deal to help Jason and his family in his fight. For this, I’ve decided to play in his memory in support of Boston Children’s Hospital.

I’m calling on the members of the ION Game Corner and their friends and family to help me with this. I plan on doing 2 Extra Life streams each year. One, in January, will be a 12 hour solo effort. The second, in July (to commerate the anniversary of Jason’s passing), I’ll be looking for other streamers to join my team for a 24 hour charity stream. Now, for a little more on each.

The January stream is going to be known as the Emerald Knights Charity Challenge. It will be a 12 hour Pokémon stream where I take on challengers. Anyone who donates a minimum of $5 will be eligible to battle against me on stream and will also receive a special badge pin and thank you letter to commemorate the donation. You wil receive the badge whether you battle me on stream or not, win or lose. If you’re donating at least $5 for this, be sure to include your mailing address in the message box so I know where to send the badge. Due to budget restrictions and capabilities, I am currently only about to ship badges to the continental United States and can not ship to PO boxes. Also, if you are donating at least $5 and would like to battle on stream, please include your 3DS Friend Code and if we’re not live, what time you’ll be available. I will do my best to accomodate as many people as possible at, or as close to as possible, the time they list.

The July stream is going to be known as the ION Extra Life 24 Hour Marathon. It will be, as the name suggests, as 24 hour game stream, much like a traditional Extra Life marathon stream. I’ll be playing various games and looking for people to donate to the cause. I’ll also, hopefully, be joined by other streamers for the ION team on this day. If you’re interested in joining the ION team for this, contact me and we’ll get that all set up. I will be going for 24 hours, but that won’t be required for everyone on the team. Any time you can commit to it is great! If you’re donating at least $5 for this marathon stream, any badges left over from the January stream will be given out while supplies last. I’ll try to be sure and make those watching the stream live will know if there are badges left. If there are, include your mailing address in the message with your donation so I know where to send to. Again, continental United States only and no PO boxes.

Hopefully, together, we can have some fun and raise some money for Boston Children’s Hospital. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on stream and making some money for a great cause!

Now that you have the background and basics, here is a little more info about January’s Emerald Knights Charity Challenge.

The Emerald Knights Charity Challenge will take place on Monday, January 4th, 2016. I’m planning on going from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern playing some Pokémon battles against those who donate $5 or more. I will be paying for the badges that will be sent to those who donate $5 or more myself, so all of the donations going through Extra Life are going right to Boston Children’s Hospital. Sometime in the next few weeks, I plan on putting together a video about the stream and will have the design of the badges for you all to check out. You can donate any time, so you don’t need to wait for the day of the stream to do so. Click the link at the top of this post to get to the team page where you can donate. And remember, anyone who donates $5 or more will get the badge (in the continental US), regardless of whether or not they defeat me in battle on the stream, or if they even battle me at all.

So, come help me raise some money with Extra Life for Boston Children’s Hospital and join me on January 4th for some Pokémon fun!



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