ION Pokémon League: Colossal Clash 2015

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here.

The latest IPL special event, Colossal Clash 2015, has wrapped up. The main event featured the the culmination of a series of battles between the IPL World Champion Howler and the challenger for the title, Sethyas. The two trainers each had scored a victory over the other in the last 2 weeks leading up to Colossal Clash. Now, a best of 3 would settle the issue and determine who would be the IPL World Champion. Find out who walked away as the Champion, as well as who won all of the other battles from Colossal Clash below or via the IPL Colossal Clash 2015 playlist on YouTube.

Zero vs. Michael

Erkenhelm vs. Draexzhan

Alexander vs. AJ

Lindomar vs. Connor

IPL World Championship Match, Best of 3

Sethyas (Challenger) vs. Howle (Champion)

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Due to a techincal issue, the batted was not able to be recorded. Sethyas emerged as the victor to win the match and become the IPL World Champion. To see how the battle went from Howler’s perspective, click here.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Sethyas

Player – Points

Connor – 42
Lindomar – 40
AJ – 36
Alexander – 30
Draexzhan – 30
Erkenhelm – 10
Zero – 8
Michael – 6
Howler – 0

This Week:

Alexander vs. Sethyas
Zero vs. Erkenhelm
Connor vs. AJ
Michael vs. Lindomar
Howler vs. Draexzhan


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