ION Pokémon League: Week of 3/9/2015 Recap

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here. We are also doing a special raffle to celebrate the one year anniversary of the IPL. For all of the details on that and how you can get entered, click here.

TeslaMouse defeated Lindomar

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: AYSW-WWWW-WWXJ-D84C

TeslaMouse: Thundurus, Aegislash, Salamence, Slowbro, Bisharp, Heatran
Lindomar: Beedrill, Registeel, Hydreigon, Rotom (Heat), Blastoise, Froslass

Lindomar had a strong debut in defeat, and TeslaMouse picked up another strong victory. Tesla started quickly with Blood Crater (Heatran) and DoUevenSlow? (Slowbro) scoring early KOs. Lindo fought back with Trishula (Hydreigon) scoring a KO on Aegislash. Tesla pressed his advantage after Mega Salamence took down 30MinsOrLess (Rotom). Lino bounced back to even it up as Trishula picked up 2 more KOs, giving it 3 for the battle. Mega Salamence hit the stage again for Tesla, scoring its 2nd KO of the battle on ShellShocker (Blastoise). Bumblebee (Mega Beedrill) even the battle up again for Lindo by slaying Mega Salamence, but that would be the end of Lindo’s offense. Thundurus took over for Tesla and scored the final 2 KOs of the battle to seal the win.

Sethyas defeated Zero

Battle Format: Single

Sethyas: Ferrothorn, Metagross, Sylveon, Milotic, Talonflame, Garchomp
Zero: Sceptile, Bisharp, Charizard, Aegislash, Blastoise, Articuno

Sethyas and Zero staged an epic battle that looked as if it might never end. Zero got the ball rolling as Leafa (Mega Sceptile) scored a KO on Babylon (Ferrothorn). Sethyas fired back with Anihal (Garchomp) and Epsilon (Mega Metagross) each getting a KO. Zero answered with Kirito (Bisharp) picking up a pair of KOs to gain the advantage. After some jockeying, Sethyas saw an opening and grabbed it. Talonflame hit the field and swiftly took down all 4 of Zero’s remaining Pokémon to lock up a victory for Sethyas.

Connor defeated Custos

Battle Format: Double

Connor: Ninetales, Charizard, Mamoswine, Hawlucha, Metagross, Klefki
Custos: Reuniclus, Conkeldurr, Dusclops, Scizor, Ampharos, Empoleon

Connor outlasted some trickery by Custos to score a victory. Thanks to Trick Room, Custos was able to strike first as Conkeldurr took down Mute (Klefki). Connor retaliated with DAMAGE (Mega Metagross) knocking out Conkeldurr. Custos regained the lead as Scizor finished off a weakened Demi llama (Ninetales), but it was short-lived as sauron (Charizard) took Squak (Empoleon) down. Connor never looked back from here. DAMAGE picked up its 2nd KO of the battle and sauron added another pair, giving it 3. DAMAGE finally succumbed to damage from it burn, but the damage to Custos had already been done. Mamoswine polished off Mega Ampharos to end the battle in victory for Connor.

Howler defeated Alexander

Battle Format: Single

Howler: Tyranitar, Ferrothorn, Gengar, Pinsir, Cloyster, Milotic
Alexander: Moltres, Tyranitar, Scizor, Sandslash, Venusuar, Blastoise

Howler struggled out of the gate, but staged a comeback on the back of one Pokémon to pull out a win. Alexander drew first blood as Sandslash took down Bogeyman (Gengar). Howler lost Flounder (Cloyster) thanks to a sandstorm and then Moltres finished off Ferrothorn to put Howler in a deep hole. Howler then called on Stagnox (Mega Pinsir) to start climbing out of it. Stagnos took down Rampage (Tyranitar), but then Howler lost his own Tyranitar, Rex, thanks to Razorclaw (Scizor). Stagnox once again took center stage and took down a pair of Alexander’s Pokémon. Alexander used Mega Venusaur to get a KO on Ariel (Milotic), which pushed Howler to the brink. But once again Stagnox saved the day, scoring KOs on all 3 of Alexander’s remaining Pokémon, which gave it all 6 KOs for Howler in this battle.

Draexzhan defeated Cody

Battle Format: Single

Draexzhan: Terrakion, Hawlucha, Zapdos, Greninja, Charizard, Gothitelle
Cody: Scolipede, Gyarados, Zapdos, Landorus, Volcarona, Swampert

Draexzhan picked up his first IPL win with a late battle surge. Draexzhan struck quickly with Atlas (Terrakion) scoring a KO on Kurosawa (Swampert). Cody evened things up with Triptolemus (Landorus) winning a slugfest against Electra (Zapdos). Atlas picked up its 2nd KO of the battle on Triptolemos right after. Cody called on golden boy (Zapdos) to grab the lead for him after a pair of KOs. Howler was able to draw even again with Arcturus (Greninja) knocking out golden boy. Cody summoned Umihebi (Mega Gyarados) to take Arcturus down, but that would be the end of the scoring for Cody. Menkar (Mega Charizard X) took over for Draexzhan and proceeded to take out Cody’s 3 remaining Pokémon to seal the deal.

AJ defeated Michael

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: YK4W-WWWW-WWXL-665B

AJ: Reuniclus, Bisharp, Lopunny, Gengar, Tyrantrum, Quagsire
Michael: Magnezone, Talonflame, Greninja, Noivern, Swampert, Rotom (Wash)

AJ scored another strong victory over Michael. AJ got on the board first with Protoman (Bisharp) and Bubblegum (Quagsire) scoring early KOs. Michael fought back with Hermes (Noivern) taking Bubblegum down. Protoman scored its 2nd KO of the battle on Rotom, but fell to Horus (Talonflame). AJ then called on Tyrantrum to finish the job. Tyrantrum scored a pair of KOs and saw Horus fall due the recoil from its Brave Bird attack to lock up the victory for AJ.

Underdog Bonus Battle
Lindomar defeated Lance

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: 59GW-WWWW-WWXJ-MDEK

Lindomar: Registeel, Rotom (Heat), Froslass, Hydreigon, Blastoise, Kangaskhan
Lance: Scizor, Dragonite, Starmie, Arcanine, Gengar, Onix

Lindomar bounced back from a tough loss in his opening battle to score an impressive win over the IPL World Champion. Lindo got off the blocks first with ShellShocker (Blastoise) scoring a KO on Juzi (Mega Gengar). Lance responded with Ondine (Starmie) taking down Froslass. Lindo grabbed the advantage back as Trishula (Hydreigon) getting the KO on Ondine. From there Lindo stepped firmly down on the accelerator and never looked back. Stiflers’Mom (Mega Kangaskhan) hit the field and proceeded to KO all 4 of Lance’s remaining Pokémon to secure his first IPL win.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Lance

Player – Points

Custos – 40
Howler – 34
Zero – 26
Sethyas – 22
Connor – 20
Alexander – 14
AJ – 12
TeslaMouse – 8
Cody – 4
Michael – 4
Draexzhan – 4
Lindomar – 4

This Week:

Cody vs. Zero
Custos vs. Howler
Connor vs. TeslaMouse
Draexzhan vs. Lindomar
AJ vs. Alexander
Michael vs. Sethyas

Underdog Bonus Battle:
Lance vs. Cody


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