ION Pokémon League: Week of 3/2/2015 Recap

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y Versions. For details and to join, click here. We are also doing a special raffle to celebrate the one year anniversary of the IPL. For all of the details on that and how you can get entered, click here.

Connor defeated Cody

Battle Format: Rotation, Best of 3
Battle 2 Video: 2G9W-WWWW-WWXH-HFJA

Connor: Klefki, Chandelure, Blastoise, Breloom, Azelf, Vaporeon
Cody: Gallade, Latios, Altaria, Sylveon, Scolipede, Swampert

Cody got of to a strong start in this match. Sylveon got things rolling for Cody with the first 2 KOs of the first battle. Kurosawa (Swampert) grabbed the next KO to extend Cody’s lead. Domovio (Gallade) then took over and scored 2 KOs to push Connor to the edge of defeat. Connor was able to get on the board with solomon (Breloom) taking down Sylveon, but the task ahead was just too tall. Cody called on jet (Latios) to finish off solomon to snatch a 1-0 lead.

The second battle saw Cody primed to sweep the match. Domovio (Mega Gallade) struck first for Cody by taking down Sheen (Azelf). Connor responded with solomon getting a KO on Domovio. Cody grabbed the advantage again with jet and Giaganat (Scolipede) each grabbing a KO and things didn’t look good for Connor. Then, the momentum shifted. Kurosawa fell victim to poison damage and Jinbei (Vaporeon) took down Tezcatlipoca (Altaria) to even things up for Connor. After that, solomon took over, finishing off all 3 of Cody’s remaining Pokémon, giving it 4 KOs for the battle and knotting the match up at 1 win each.

Connor rode the momentum he built at the end of the second battle into the deciding battle. Cody was able to get on the board first with jet taking down solomon, which looked bad for Connor since he lost his best performing Pokémon to this point. Looks can be deceiving though as that would be the last KO that Cody would get. Domovio fell due to poison to even things up and it was all Connor after that. Azelf and Ell (Mega Blastoise) teamed up to take out the rest of Cody’s team. Ell notched 2 KOs and Azelf grabbed 3, including the final 2 of the battle to give a victory to Connor.

Alexander defeated Sethyas

Battle Format: Single

Alexander: Dugtrio, Dragonite, Moltres, Raichu, Venusaur, Blastoise
Sethyas: Blastoise, Dragonite, Scizor, Talonflame, Umbreon, Metagross

Alexander came out of his normal Triple battle element and picked up a strong victory. Alexander struck first with Blastoise getting a KO on Dreadnaut (Metagross). Sethyas was able to pull even with Zulio (Mega Blastoise) taking Alexander’s Blastoise down. Raichu picked up a couple of KOs to give the advantage back to Alexander and Moltres added another one to push the edge further. Sethyas called on Talonflame to take Moltres down, but at a hefty cost due the Stealth Rocks on the field and the recoil from its Brave Bird attack. Raichu finished Talonflame off to notch its 3rd KO of the battle and Highball (Dragonite) finished a weakened Rykor (Scizor) off to seal the deal for Alexander.

Zero defeated Lance

Battle Format: Single

Zero: Venusaur, Charizard, Heracross, Bisharp, Blastoise, Sylveon
Lance: Gengar, Arcanine, Starmie, Dragonite, Scizor, Onix

Zero drew the IPL World Champion for the 2nd consectuive week, and handed him his 2nd consecutive loss. Zero was the first to strike with Sylva (Mega Venusaur) getting a quick KO on Rocko (Onix). This started an exchange of a pair of KO between to two trainers. Zero surged ahead after with Char (Charizard) and Kirito (Bisharp) each scoring KOs. Lance fought back with Siegfried (Dragonite) and Ondine (Starmie) grabbing KOs. Carnia (Heracross) took down Siegfried to push Lance to the brink of defeat. Ondine scored its 2nd KO of the battle on Char to pull Lance even. However, Carnia finished Ondine off, giving it 3 KOs for the battle, and the win to Zero.

TeslaMouse defeated Custos

Battle Format: Single

TeslaMouse: Manectric, Skarmory, Landorus, Azumarill, Volcarona, Porygon2
Custos: Crobat, Heatran, Cinccino, Gallade, Serperior, Suicune

Newcomer TeslaMouse picked up a very impressive win in his IPL debut. Custos got on the board first with Serperior taking down Intelligent (Porygon2). Tesla answered with Landorus and Play Nice (Azumarill) each scoring a KO. Custos was able to take down Sabether (Skarmory) with Crobat, but Tesla would then press the advantage. 1000 watts (Mega Manectric), Landorus, and Doritos (Volcarona) each netted KOs. Klein (Mega Gallade) was able to take Doritos down, but suffered a burn in the process which finished it, and Custos off.

Howler defeated Michael

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: P5XG-WWWW-WWXY-K5U6

Howler: Jolteon, Sableye, Scizor, Togekiss, Arcanine, Gastrodon
Michael: Claydol, Magnezone, Noivern, Talonflame, Greninja, Rotom (Wash)

Howler scored another big win in his surge up the rankings. Michael was the first to lose a Pokémon as Heqet (Greninja) fell due to damage from it burn. He was then able to pull even after Rotom took down Sableye. Howler grabbed the advantage again after a pair of KOs from Jolteon, but it came at a price as recoil from the Life Orb took Jolteon down. Michael swung the the pendulum in his direction with Thoth (Magnezone) scoring a pair of KOs. Howler evened it up with Arcanine picking up the KO on Rotom, but Michael followed that up with Hermes (Noivern) taking down Arcanine. Howler was able rebound, however, and Gastrodon scored KOs on both of Michael’s remaining Pokémon to claim the win.

AJ defeated Draexzhan

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: DF6W-WWWW-WWXJ-MTK6

AJ: Weavile, Greninja, Crawdaunt, Bisharp, Tyranitar, Sableye
Draexzhan: Charizard, Serperior, Zapdos, Terrakion, Ditto, Nidoking

AJ stepped up to another newcomer, Draexzhan, and the two had a fast-paced slugfest. AJ was able to strike first with Cooper (Weavile) getting a kick KO on Achernar (Nidoking). Draexzhan was able to fire back with Atlas (Terrakion) getting the KO on Cooper. AJ got KOs for Lobstar (Crawdaunt) and Protoman (Bisharp) to regain the edge. Menkar (Mega Charizard X) took Protoman down, but paralysis allowed Lobster to retaliate and grab its 2nd KO of the battle. Draexzhan used some mimicry as Squooshi (Ditto) was able to take down Lobstar, who it impersonated, but that would be it for Draexzhan in this battle. Akujiki (Greninja) hit the field and took down the final 2 opposing Pokémon to wrap it up for AJ.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Lance

Player – Points

Custos – 40
Howler – 30
Zero – 26
Sethyas – 18
Connor – 16
Alexander – 14
AJ – 8
Cody – 4
Michael – 4
TeslaMouse – 4
Draexzhan – 0

This Week:

We have another new trainer debuting in the IPL this week! Lindomar will be making his debut!

Alexander vs. Howler
Connor vs. Custos
Draexzhan vs. Cody
Aj vs. Michael
Zero vs. Sethyas
Lindomar vs. TeslaMouse

Underdog Bonus Battle:
Lance vs. Lindomar


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