ION Pokémon League: Week of 1/12/2015 Recap

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire Versions. For details and to join, click here.

Cody defeated Alexander

Battle Format: Triple

Cody: Gallade, Ferrothorn, Terrakion, Latios, Heatran, Scolipede
Alexander: Espeon, Landorus, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Latios

Cody made an impressive debut, taking down the two-time IPL World Champion in his own signature Triple battle. Alexander struck first with Charizard taking down Cody’s Latios, jet. Cody fired back with 4 consecutive KOs, 2 of which came via Atlas (Terrakion). The former champion battled back with Charizard picking up another 2 KOs, giving it 3 for the battle, and Brutus (Venusaur) taking down Atlas. Charizard would succumb to poison, however, and Heatran netted its 2nd KO on Brutus to bring the battle to an end.

Sethyas defeated Lance

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: EHRG-WWWW-WWXW-7JP5

Sethyas: Smeargle, Dragalge, Gorebyss, Garchomp, Milotic, Conkeldurr
Lance: Starmie, Arcanine, Gengar, Scizor, Machamp, Dragonite

Sethyas fought back from a slow start to pick up the victory. Lance got rolling first with Siegfried (Dragonite) getting a quick KO on Smeargle. Sethyas evened things up with Gorebyss taking out Siegfried. Lance got the next two KOs courtesy of Kai (Scizor) and Aldo (Machamp). Sethyas called on Conkeldurr to take down Aldo, and it also got a KO on Juzi (Mega Gengar), but Lance sacrificed Juzi to take down Conkeldurr with Destiny Bond. Sethyas took control for good at this point with Garchomp taking down Kai, followed by Ondine (Starmie) falling to its Life Orb recoil and Von Strudel (Dragalge) finishing off Pyro (Arcanine) to seal the deal.

Custos defeated Connor

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: 392W-WWWW-WWXW-JD8Q

Custos: Mesprit, Blaziken, Garchomp, Cloyster, Nidoking, Talonflame
Connor: Metagross, Beedrill, Volcarona, Breloom, Jolteon, Vaporeon

Custos unceremoniusly welcomed Connor back to the IPL. Connor was able to pick up the first KO of the battle with Vaporeon taking down Shelly (Cloyster). That’s where the good news for Connor ended and the volcano erupted. Custos called on Ken (Mega Blaziken) who proceeded to decimate all 6 of Connor’s Pokémon to lock up a very convincing win.

Zero defeated Michael

Battle Format: Double

Zero: Ampharos, Cofagrigus, Infernape, Rotom (Wash), Ferrothorn, Gardevoir
Michael: Rotom (Wash), Sylveon, Electivire, Slowbro, Meowstic, Talonflame

Zero picked up a win against the next challenger to the IPL World Title. Zero was hot right off the bat with Laxus (Mega Ampharos) getting a pair of KOs early. Michael was finally able to take Laxus down with Sylveon. However, Zero pressed the advantage with Zeref (Cofagrigus) and Ferrothorn each notching a KO. In a hole, Michael began to fight back, with Horus (Talonflame) and Sylveon getting KOs, giving the latter 2 for the battle. But Zero would not be denied as Tenma finished off a weakened Horus and Ferrothorn picked up its 2nd KO of the battle on Sylveon to bring it to a close.

AJ defeated Howler

Battle Format: Double
Battle Video: VJ8W-WWWW-WWXX-2CMV

AJ: Regice, Cofagrigus, Mienshao, Greninja, Milotic, Salamence
Howler: Politoed, Mawile, Noivern, Excadrill, Ludicolo, Sableye

The current IPL World Champion gave Howler only his second taste of defeat since entering the IPL. Howler was able to draw first blood with Mega Mawile getting a early KO of Cofagrigus. AJ then answered with force as he picked up the next 3 KOs, courtesy of Akujiki (Greninja), Valefor (Mega Salamence), and Regice. Howler made a strong push to come back as Excadrill and Noivern notched a KO each. But that would be the end of Howler’s offense for the battle. Milotic picked up a pair of KOs and Akujiki got its 2nd of the battle to end it in victory for AJ.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: AJ

Player – Points

Michael – 36
Lance – 34
Custos – 34
Howler – 10
Zero – 10
Sethyas – 8
Connor – 8
Alexander – 2
Cody – 2

This Week:

The next IPL special event, Winter War, is upon us! AJ will make his first defense of the IPL World Championship against a first time challenger in Michael. Statistically speaking, AJ has been the top trainer in the IPL since day one. Now that he has finally grabbed the World Championship, will he be able to hang on to it, or will he be one and done like his predecessor? We’ll find out this week! Here is the full lineup for Winter War!

Cody vs. Alexander
Sethyas vs. Connor
Zero vs. Howler
Custos vs. Lance

IPL World Championship Match, Best 2 of 3:
Michael (Challenger) vs. AJ (Champion)


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