Destiny: Nightmare Corps

With the highly anticipated release of Destiny just a few short hours away, a few friends of mine and I have created a clan in order to gather a group to play together with. Hence, the Nightmare Corps was born. With the name loosely based on DC Comics’ Sinestro Corps (Yes, I was able to slip another Green Lantern reference in.), we will be looking to bring order back to the Earth through fear.

I am extending a invitation here to the Corps here, with a few caveats.

We are not going to be accepting random requests to join without having played with you. We’re looking for quality over quantity, and I don’t mean skill level by that. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably be by far the worst player in the clan. We’re only looking for people who are fun to play with and will represent the clan well. Hopefully, that’s not too lofty of a requirement.

All requests to join must be approved by an admin, who will be looking for a referral from an existing member. You can check out the current roster of admins and members either though the Bungie group portal or the ION Destiny page. Reach out to anyone to get a referral. Do you have the ability to install great fear? The Nightmare Corps may be the place for you!

NOTE: There is no degree of role playing required to join the clan.


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