Madden 15 Chronicles

A few years ago, before the creation of the ION Game Corner, I tried doing a blog that followed by offline Madden franchise. I had a decent reaction to it, but since I’ve started running online Madden leagues, I haven’t really played an offline franchise. I decided that now that I’m on the Xbox One, I’d take advantage of one of its features to start up a new version of the Madden Chronicles. This time though, I’d be using Twitch.

At this point, I have finished 8 weeks of the first season. I’ve had some hiccups early on, primarily due to my internet connection being shoddy lately. I have a new modem and an upgraded internet plan, so everything seems to be working great now.

I randomly selected a team (which will surprise no one who knows me… that’s how I ended up as the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Emerald Madden League) and am using the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Overall, the games have been pretty competitive, which I think makes for better videos. I do run full 15 minute quarters and play on All Pro difficulty. As of now, I’m sitting at 5-2, so a pretty good start to the season. Week 6 is definitely worth checking out as I face a crazy overtime situation.

If you aren’t already, follow me on Twitter (@IONGameCorner) and you will know right when I’m going live on Twitch. I also export all of the Twitch broadcasts to YouTube right after ending each one. You can also check out all of the videos on the Madden 15 Chronicles playlist on YouTube.

I may post here periodically to note the progress, but it will primarily be handled through the videos. Any comments and feedback are more than welcome.

And as always, for anyone interesting in joining either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 ION Madden 15 Connected Franchise leagues, check out the Madden 15 page for all of the details.

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