ION Pokémon League: Weekly Recap – 6/16/2014

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X & Y Version. For details and to join, click here.

AJ d. Alexander

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: 9YVG-WWWW-WWW8-W8PP

AJ: Garchomp, Charizard, Greninja, Jellicent, Terrakion, Staraptor
Alexander: Roserade, Florges, Jellicent, Ursaring, Jolteon, Scizor

AJ needed a win and a loss by Steven to potentially put himself into the upcoming World Title match, and he took care of his part. Both trainers traded a pair of KOs to start this one off. Terrakion then hit the field for AJ and proceeded to open the advantage for him with 2 KOs. Volt (Jolteon) came in to put and end to Terrakion’s rampage, but it was only a temporary reprieve. Another trade of KOs transpired before Akujiki (Greninja) finished off Ion (Roserade) to end the battle.

Custos d. Michael

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: ML6W-WWWW-WWW8-3ZLR

Custos: Torterra, Greninja, Talonflame, Hydreigon, Espeon, Scizor
Michael: Magnezone, Avalugg, Ludicolo, Swampert, Florges, Noivern

If you are a fan of offensive slugfests, this was the battle for you. This battle was like a heavyweight prize fight where both fighters exchanged haymakers and the last one to land a punch would win. In this battle, that fighter was Custos. Both trainers traded KOs throughout the entire battle. Custos was able to score the first KO, which gave him the slight edge that he rode to victory. Greninja and Thoth (Magnezone) were the only Pokémon to score more than one KO in this one, with each netting 2 KOs for Custos and Michael, respectively.

Jeff d. Andy

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: 85AG-WWWW-WWW8-4RA6

Jeff: Charizard, Metagross, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Magnezone, Nidoking
Andy: Togekiss, Roserade, Mawile, Rotom (Wash), Skarmory, Staraptor

Jeff turned up the heat early in this one and Andy was unable to pull himself out of the fire. Nova (Mega Charizard Y) kicked things off for Jeff my scored 2 quick KOs. Andy called on Skarmory to sacrifice itself by taking a big Flamethrower by Nova, but its Sturdy ability allowed it to hang on and fire back with Brave Bird to take Nova, and itself due to the recoil, down. Even with Nova down, Jeff was able to maintain the advantage and eventually Nero (Nidoking) came in the clean up the final 2 KOs of the battle.

Lance d. Steven

Battle Format: N/A
Battle Video: N/A

Lance: N/A
Steven: N/A

Due to Steven being unable to appear for the battle, Lance was awarded the victory via forfeit.

Underdog Challenge
Zero d. Andy

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: ZQKW-WWWW-WWW8-X99V

Zero: Arcanine, Slowbro, Clefable, Kangaskhan, Sandslash, Cloyster
Andy: Florges, Hydreigon, Rotom (Wash), Mawile, Roserade, Staraptor

Zero bounced back from a loss in last week’s Underdog Challenge to stave off his latest challenger. Arcanine stuck first for Zero, taking down LG (Rotom) despite a type disadvantage. Andy fired back by grabbing the next two KOs with Dactyly (Staraptor) and Roserade. Slowbro answered the call of Zero and took down Staraptor, but was immediately dispatched by Dactyly for its 2nd KO of the battle. The tide turned for good, however, went Zero sent out Mega Kangaskhan, who scored the next 2 KOs. Mega Kangaskhan then gave way to Clefable, who after a bit of a standoff with Florges, was able to power its way to the final 2 KOs to ensure victory fo Zero.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Zero

Player – Points

Steven – 22
AJ – 22
Custos – 16
Michael – 12
Jeff – 12
Lance – 12
Alexander – 8
Andy – 4

This Week:

It’s time for the next IPL special event, Colossal Clash! Due to Steven’s decision to suspend his status as an active IPL trainer, AJ will be the next challenger for the IPL World Championship. He came up a little short in becoming the first ever World Champion at BattleMania, but has the highest winning percentage among all of the IPL trainers. This match will be one you won’t want to miss. Here is the line-up for Colossal Clash!

Andy vs. Alexander
Michael vs. Jeff
Lance vs. Custos

IPL World Championship Match, Best 2 out of 3:
AJ (Challenger) vs. Zero (Champion)


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