ION Pokémon League: Spring Skirmish Preview – Paper Champion

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X & Y Version. For details and to join, click here.

With the next IPL special event, Spring Skirmish, upon us, there are plenty of questions surrounding the reigning IPL World Champion, Alexander. Since defeating AJ at BattleMania to become the first ever World Champion, Alexander has lost three straight battles. On top of that, the battles haven’t even been close. To make matters worse, the challenger, Zero, has not lost since BattleMania. It’s no surprise, especially given the fact that Alexander has never defeated Zero, that people feel that the crowning of a new champion at Spring Skirmish is a foregone conclusion. It seems the only thing in doubt is how much of a fight the current champion will put up.

Let’s hear from the IPL World Champion as he prepares for his first title defense…

“My days as champion are numbered. I haven’t taken being the IPL World Champion seriously. There isn’t a thing I can do to stop Zero from winning the title.

Ever since I became the IPL World Champion, that’s all I’ve heard. I’ve heard it all so much that I almost have no choice but to believe it. Almost.

My days as champion are numbered. That’s absolutely true. Some day, someone is going to come along and beat me with the title on the line. That is inevitable. But there is nothing carved in stone that says that today is that day.

I haven’t taken being the IPL World Champion seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth. I take great pride in not only being the IPL World Champion, but being the first ever IPL World Champion. Being the champion put a target on my back. Every other trainer is trying to get to where I am right now. Based on that, I know that every trainer I face, whether this title is on the line or not, is going to come at me with everything to prove that he is the best. What better opportunity to test all of my Emerald Knights than against competition like that? Highball and Razorclaw have been instrumental in getting me to this position, but I can’t always rely on them to bail me out. While we might have taken our lumps this month, all it did was harden our resolve. And I have faith in any of the Emerald Knights to step forward and help me defend this championship.

There isn’t a thing I can do to stop Zero from winning the title. Maybe not. I know as well as anyone how talented he is as a trainer. He might very well be the best in the IPL. But right now, this title says that I am. He might be the one who takes it from me. But there is certainly something I can do about it. I am going to call on my Knights, and we will ride into battle together. If Zero wants to be the World Champion, he better bring his best, because we will bring nothing less. The Emerald Knights will never go down without a fight. No matter what, our light will shine bright!


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