ION Pokémon League: Weekly Recap – 4/14/2014

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X & Y Version. For details and to join, click here.

AJ d. Alexander

Battle Format: Non-Title, Triple
Battle Video: 49BG-WWWW-WWW6-RLQQ

AJ: Talonflame, Greninja, Magneton, Noivern, Golurk, Clawitzer
Alexander: Masquerain, Torterra, Garbodor, Reuniclus, Stantler, Kabutops

In a rematch of the classic first ever IPL World Championship match, Alexander and AJ met to a much different result this time. The champion’s slide continued, as once again he used a completely new team of Pokémon. 7.62 FMJ (Clawitzer) demolished much of Alexander’s team, scoring 4 KOs, and indirectly causing a 5th with a burn. Wreck-Gar (Garbodor) picked up the only offensive KO for Alexander, finally ending 7.62 FMJ’s rampage. Both trainers now into the next IPL special event on completely opposite courses, as Alexander has lost all 3 of this months battle, while AJ is undefeated in since BattleMania.

Zero d. Custos

Battle Format: Single, Special Reshiram vs. Zekrom Challenge
Battle Video: RLZG-WWWW-WWW6-S5QR

Zero: Rotom (Wash), Reshiram, Gliscor, Ferrothorn, Sableye, Cresselia
Custos: Cloyster, Krookodile, Zekrom, Torterra, Blaziken, Cresslia

It should come as no surprise that two friends, Zero and Custos, would not only have a great battle, but add a huge twist to their match-up. Both trainers agreed to pit the two mighty legendary dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom against each other in battle. Sadly, neither the dragons didn’t the chance to go face to face in the battle, but it was a fantastic battle nonetheless. Both trainers battled back and forth, exchanging KOs in the early part of the battle. As the battle wore on, it was clear that neither man wanted to call on his dragon until he absolutely had to. Custos was the first the call on his dragon, and Zekrom lit up the battlefield, scoring a KO on Zero’s Cresselia. However, the Life Orb damage and a burn from Rotom became too much for Zekrom to overcome. After Rotom fell, Zero called forth Reshiram who blazed a trail to victory, picking up the final two KOs of the battle.

Steven d. Andy

Battle Format: Double
Battle Video: E58G-WWWW-WWW6-TPEJ

Steven: Meowstic, Malamar, Rotom (Mow), Garchomp, Manectric, Talonflame
Andy: Florges, Venusaur, Mamoswine, Zapdos, Scizor, Masquerain

Steven is clearly showing his affinity for Double battles as of late and seems to be trying to come up with some new wrinkles to throw at his opponent. He looked to set up a dastardly combination of using Meowstic’s Charm on Squidward (Malamar), whose ability Contrary reverses the attack lowering effect of Charm to boost its power. Andy was able to counter it though before it could really put a huge dent in his team. Andy was able to pick off most of Steven’s team with Zapdos, who scored 4 KOs. In the end, it came down to Zapdos and Garchomp, and it was Garchomp who was able to outlast its opponent, locking up the win for Steven.

Michael d. Jeff

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: AMEG-WWWW-WWW6-TU4N

Michael: Swampert, Politoed, Talonflame, Magnezone, Rotom (Wash), Noivern
Jeff: Magnezone, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Nidoking, Avalugg, Hippowdon

The battle was a classic cat and mouse game early on, with both trainers taking turns in the role of the cat. Jeff drew first blood with Ragnarok (Tyranitar) able to KO Baal (Rotom), but poison damage took Ragnarok down to even the score right back up. The battle continued to be a back and forth affair until Hermes (Noivern) started causing havoc for Michael. With Ragnarok down, Jeff didn’t have an answer for Hermes, and it was able to rack up four KOs, including the final 3 of the battle, giving the victory to Michael.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Alexander

Player – Points

Andy – 10
Steven – 10
Zero – 10
AJ – 6
Michael – 6
Jeff – 4
Custos – 2

The match-ups are set for the next IPL special event, Spring Skirmish. Like with BattleMania, points earned during Spring Skirmish are double. The first ever defense of the IPL World Championship will take place. Here is the lineup:

Jeff vs. Custos

AJ vs. Michael

Andy vs. Steven

IPL World Championship Match:
Alexander (Champion) vs. Zero


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