ION Pokémon League: Weekly Recap – 3/31/2014

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X & Y Version. For details and to join, click here.

Zero d. Alexander

Battle Format: Non-Title, Triple
Battle Video: N3XG-WWWW-WWW6-YUSQ

Zero: Hitmontop, Metagross, Garchomp, Togekiss, Staraptor, Gardevoir
Alexander: Mr. Mime, Salamence, Hitmonlee, Muk, Politoed, Tauros

It was clear from the get-go that Alexander was taking advantage of his position as IPL World Champion to let his foot off of the accelerator in this battle. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not. Zero quickly showed why he is not one to not go full throttle against. Multiple Intimidate users caused Alexander to shuffle 2/3 of his opening lineup. This opened the door for Fang (Garchomp) to ramp up for destruction. After a Swords Dance, Fang proceeded to KO all 3 of Alexander’s Pokémon on the field, as well as one of its own teammates. From there, it was academic, and Zero finished off the champion.

Andy d. Jeff

Battle Format: Single, Best of 3
Battle 1 Video: BMXG-WWWW-WWW6-J334
Battle 2 Video: WY5W-WWWW-WWW6-J33D

Battle 1:
Andy: Tangrowth, Scolipede, Mandibuzz, Tyranitar, Empoleon, Lucario
Jeff: Magnezone, Metagross, Nidoking, Avalugg, Tyranitar, Gyarados
Battle 2:
Andy: Scolipede, Mandibuzz, Garchomp, Tangela, Empoleon, Tyranitar
Jeff: Avalugg, Charizard, Magnezone, Nidoking, Gyarados, Metagross

Both trainers came in riding high after big wins at BattleMania. Andy started out quickly by grabbing the first two KOs. Jeff’s Anchorage (Avalugg) scored the first KO of the battle, but also fell to the damage from the sandstorm during the same turn. Jeff gamely fought back, especially on the back of Ragnarok (Tyranitar), but the hole was too deep and Andy took the match lead. Once again, Andy jumped out quickly in the second battle, thanks to Skittles (Scolipede). Skittles scored the first KO on Metagross and then was able to Baton Pass to Bale (Tyranitar), which allowed it to grab the next 2 KOs. Jeff battled back, and Nero (Nidoking) was able to net 2 KOs, but like the first battle, the deficit was too much to overcome. Andross (Mega Garchomp) KO’d Jeff’s last two Pokémon, securing the sweep for Andy.

AJ d. Custos

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: QFSG-WWWW-WWW6-KE6N

AJ: Gliscor, Zapdos, Weavile, Aegislash, Vaporeon, Reuniclus
Custos: Torterra, Espeon, Blastoise, Talonflame, Haxorus, Heracross

AJ, having found himself at the bottom of the ladder after losing the IPL World Championship match at BattleMania, began the road back into the title picture. He started out quickly by getting the first couple of KOs before Custos could score his first, courtesy of Red Eyes (Haxorus). Red Eyes succumbed to damage from its own Life Orb and a KO by Zapdos blew the door open for AJ. Heracross valiantly attempted a comeback for Custos, grabbing 2 KOs, but the margin was too much to overcome.

Steven d. Michael

Battle Format: Single
Battle Video: 4UYW-WWWW-WWW6-L9DJ

Steven: Swampert, Chandelure, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Espeon, Lucario
Michael: Talonflame, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Rotom (Wash), Magnezone, Greninja

In a rematch from BattleMania, Steven sent out notice that he is not to be ignored in the IPL. After a slow start, Steven used some crafty prediction to net the first KO. Expecting Michael’s Heqet to use a Grass-type move, thus transforming it into a Grass-type itself via its ability Protean, Steven switched to Shaggy (Hydreigon). This not only gave him a defensive advantage, but allowed him to counter with Fire Blast to KO the shifty Heqet. Steven controlled the battle from that point on. Michael fought a good battle, but Steven never relented the advantage.

Current Rankings:

IPL World Champion: Alexander

Player – Points

Andy – 8
Steven – 8
Zero – 6
Jeff – 4
AJ – 2
Custos – 2
Michael – 2


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