Pokémon Trainers, Get Ready

Two quick things today, both Pokémon related, so listen up trainers!

First of all, we are one week away from the launch of the new ION Pokémon League. As of the time I’m typing this, we have 6 registered trainers, which is great. But I want more! Granted, trainers will be able to join at any time. However, getting in at the start is where it’s at. For one, you get to be in at the start and say you were there when it all began. More importantly, everyone will be coming in on equal ground as far as ranking goes, and it will be your chance to to become the first ever IPL World Champion. Only one person is going to be able to make that claim. So, click the link above and get yourself signed up!

The second item up for bids today is that it’s officially official that I am making a return to the PAX Pokémon League at PAX East 2014 as a Gym Leader. For those who aren’t familiar, the PPL is a player-run Pokémon game that takes place throughout the weekend at PAX. Back in October, a bunch of folks were chosen to be Gym Leaders and since then have been working hard on getting ready to roll at PAX East.

How it works is that you will find Gym Leaders randomly throughout your travels at PAX. You’ll notice them by their bright green scarves. All you have to do is bring your 3DS and your copy of Pokémon X or Y to PAX… as if you weren’t going to be doing that anyway. If you see one is to challenge him or her, and if you defeat them in a Pokémon battle, you will get that Leader’s badge. If you score 8 badges, you can challenge the Elite Six. If you can defeat 4 of the 6 Elites, you get to face the Champion. Defeat the Champ, and you become a Champion of the PPL and will have your name etched in website for all of eternity… or as long as there’s a PPL website.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, that’s not all. On top of the battling and badges, there’s going to be a Mega Evolution themed Bingo game that players can complete to be entered into a raffle for some cool prizes on Sunday evening. And rumor has it that there might just be something else big going down with the PPL that you may hear more of from me very soon. You can check out my Gym Leader reveal here.

If you’re interested, head on over to the PPL forums and get involved there. One of the Challengers who became a Champion last year has been writing a series of strategy guides for players taking on this year’s Gym Leaders by trying to guess what their teams are going to be. Interesting stuff. Check it out at the PPL’s League Discussion forum. And don’t ask how accurately he guessed my team, because I’m not telling.

So, that’s the scoop for today. Get going over to the ION Game Corner forums and register for the ION Pokémon League and make sure to check out the PAX Pokémon League as well!


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