ION Madden League: 2014 Wild Card Round Recap

The ION Madden League is a Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise league for Xbox 360. For league details, click here. To join, either follow that link and post in the thread or email me with your Xbox Live gamertag. Here’s the recap of the Wild Card Round of the 2014 season. User teams are in caps.

CARDINALS 19, Bears 17

ARI (Divisional Round @ WAS):
Michael Vick: 11/21, 203 pass yds, pass TD, 2 INT, 3 att, 56 rush yds
Ryan Williams: 15 att, 108 rush yds, rush TD, 2 rec, 37 rec yds, rec TD
Larry Fitzgerald: 7 rec, 143 yds
Calais Campbell: 3 sacks
Darnell Dockett: 2 sacks
Sam Acho: sack, 2 safeties

Jay Cutler: 13/22, 236 yds, TD
Matt Forte: 14 att, 89 rush yds, rush TD, 3 rec, 63 rec yds, rec TD
Carlton Mitchell: 3 rec, 68 yds

Saints 31, SEAHAWKS 21

Terrelle Pryor: 21/32, 260 pass yds, 3 pass TD, 3 INT, 4 att, 57 rush yds
Marshawn Lynch: 12 att, 124 rush yds, 6 rec, 56 rec yds, rec TD
Percy Harvin: 4 rec, 74 yds

Drew Brees: 19/26, 318 yds, 3 TD
Mark Ingram: 7 att, 9 yds
Lance Moore: 5 rec, 137 yds, TD
Curtis Lofton: INT return for TD

GB (Divisional Round vs. NO)
KC (Divisional Round vs. IND)
NE (Divisional Round vs. PIT)
WAS (Divisional Round vs. ARI)

News & Notes

HC Jeff Fisher steps down as coach of St. Louis.


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