ION Madden League: 2013 Offseason Recap

The ION Madden League is a Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise league for Xbox 360. For league details, click here. To join, either follow that link and post in the thread or email me with your Xbox Live gamertag. Here’s the recap of the 2013 offseason. User teams are in caps.


LOLB John Abraham
P Dave Zastudil
QB Carson Palmer

TE Tony Gonzalez

HB Willis McGahee

DT Ryan Pickett

WR Plaxico Burress

HB Leon Washington
SS Adrian Wilson

CB Antoine Winfield

K Phil Dawson
C Jonathan Goodwin

MLB Bart Scott

MLB London Fletcher
WR Santana Moss
P Sav Rocca


RT Eric Winston signs a 1-yr, $7.08M contract.
QB Michael Vick signs a 1-yr, $5.3M contract.
FB Craig Stevens is franchise tagged for $2.74M.

CB Robert McClain signs a 2-yr, $1.9M contract.
DT Jonathan Babineaux signs a 1-yr, $2.8M contract.
RT Mike Johnson signs a 1-yr, $750K contract.

CB Aqib Talib signs a 3-yr, $24M contract.
P Zoltan Mesko signs a 5-yr, $12.5 M contract.
LT Will Svitek signs a 1-yr, $900K contract.

RT J’Marcus Webb is franchise tagged for $7.08M.

CB Nnamdi Asomugha signs a 1-yr, $2.09M contract.
WR Mario Manningham signs a 4-yr, $11.4M contract.
WR Ricardo Lockette signs a 1-yr, $870K contract.
CB Tarell Brown is franchise tagged for $10.3M.

ROLB Brian Orakpo is franchise tagged for $10M.

Free Agent Signings

P Jeremy Kapinos signs a 2-yr, $2.16M contract.
TE Fred Davis signs a 4-yr, $19M contract.
CB Brandon Browner signs a 1-yr, $7M contract.

WR Jeremy Ebert signs a 2-yr, $1.4M contract.
SS Taylor Mays signs a 4-yr, $14.2M contract.
CB Darius Butler signs a 2-yr, $1.8M contract.
TE Dan Gronkowski signs a 1-yr, $850K contract.
LE Rob Ninkovich signs a 5-yr, $25.5M contract.
WR Hakeem Nicks signs a 5-yr, $29M contract.

C Jason Slowey signs a 4-yr, $6.08M contract.
WR Julian Edelman signs a 3-yr, $2.55M contract.
SS Donte Whitner signs a 4-yr, $14M contract.
RE B.J. Raji signs a 4-yr, $9.2M contract.
DT Terrence Cody signs a 4-yr, $7.2M contract.

QB Mike Kafka signs a 2-yr, $1.36M contract.
LE Michael Bennett signs a 4-yr, $5.72M contract.
HB Beanie Wells signs a 3-yr, $2.07M contract.
FS Chris Sentef signs a 2-yr, $1.36M contract.
HB Marcus Lattimore signs a 1-yr, $570K contract.
CB Coye Francies signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
P Chris Jones signs a 3-yr, $2.43M contract.
WR Danario Alexander signs a 4-yr, $7.48M contract.
FB Chris Ogbonnaya signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
RE Aaron Morgan signs a 1-yr, $690K contract.

FB John Kuhn signs a 1-yr, $890K contract.
HB Darren McFadden signs a 4-yr, $13.6M contract.

MLB Zac Diles signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
C Christian Yount signs a 3-y4, $2.04M contract.
SS Darcel McBath signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
MLB Sean Lee signs a 6-yr, $63M contract.
LE Tyson Jackson signs a 4-yr, $9M contract.
FS Kendrick Lewis signs a 3-yr, $4.86M contract.
TE Brandon Myers signs a 4-yr, $12M contract.
SS Kenny Phillips signs a 3-yr, $6.75M contract.
SS Al Afalava signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
MLB Bront Bird signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
P Jeff Locke signs a 2-yr, $1.62M contract.
CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signs a 2-yr, $5.7M contract.
LE Vaughn Martin signs a 4-yr, $12M contract.
LG Mike Pollak signs a 3-yr, $3.51M contract.
LOLB Ricky Sapp signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
DT Torell Troup signs a 4-yr, $6.6M contract.
CB Terrence Frederick signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
WR Chastin West signs a 1-yr, $680K contract.
WR Eric Decker signs a 4-yr, $19.5M contract.
K Kai Forbath signs a 4-yr, $4.44M contract.


Traded ROLB Tamba Hali and 2015 6th round pick to NYJ for 2015 1st round pick.

Traded HB Beanie Wells, 2014 5th round pick (134), and 2014 5th round pick (155) to OAK for CB D.J. Hayden.
Traded 2014 6th round pick (187), 2014 7th round pick (219), and 2015 6th round pick to CIN for QB Josh Johnson.
Traded CB Byron Maxwell and 2015 5th round pick to NYG for DT Marvin Austin.

Traded 2014 3rd round pick (69) to CIN for DT Geno Atkins.
Traded HB Isaiah Pead and 2014 6th round pick (165) to JAX for 2014 6th round pick (173).

Draft Selections

1 – Jordan Ryland – FS
2 – Nico Perro – WR
4 – Johnnie Sellers – HB
6 – Dillion Wheatley – K

1 – Nick Obregon – LT
2 – Nordly McGlothen – CB
3 – Dietrich Siemian – DT
4 – Oscar Vallejo – TE
5 – Clim McRae – HB
6 – Tyri Elmore – DT
7 – Riley McCaskill – FB

1 – Stefan Timmons – DT
2 – Philip Omisanya – MLB
3 – Tacoi Gist – LE
4 – Angel Santiago – K
5 – O’Dell House – DT
6 – Tanner Strong – P
7 – Joey Martinez – FS

1 – Justyn Rowland – LE
2 – Montrae Dial – FS
3 – Darveon Evans – RE
4 – Luis Villanueva – DT
5 – Derius Danshaw – CB
6 – Jesus Vicioso – TE
7 – Dosha Landry – WR

1 – Jaquin Murphy – WR
1 – Dametric Carrothers – MLB
1 – Tevita Casper – CB
2 – Joetavius Jaques – QB
5 – Gussie Brand – ROLB
6 – Tajvio Glenn – ROLB

1 – Edward Frazer – WR
2 – Wayne Irie – C
3 – Eldon Pierce – SS
4 – Kameron Jay – TE
5 – Bjoern Kirk – FS
6 – Carson Halliday – FB
7 – Kirk Pair – CB

1 – Ryker Marboe – WR

1 – Antoine Amajoyi – CB
2 – Benton Sawatzky – WR
2 – Thailand Moultrie – HB
3 – Carter Fenyak – C
3 – Mark Javier – SS
4 – Bo Hinz – SS
5 – Carlos Ordiales – HB
7 – Ross Stanley – CB
7 – Elliot Gallik – K

1 – Bryson Cheever – LOLB
1 – Shawn Cherry – FS
2 – Ben Molesi – LG
4 – Kyren Nelson – LE
5 – Dominque Shabazz – QB
6 – Kileon Vargo – RG
7 – Ivory Greenwood – MLB

2 – Garret Nealy – MLB
3 – Byran Bowles – CB
4 – Anthony Cousins – WR
5 – Jarred Rich – CB
6- Chaquil Falls – WR
7 – Lorell Agurs – HB


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