ION Madden League: Team Selection Draft

Today is the day for the start of the team selection process for the ION Madden League (Madden NFL 25 – Xbox 360). As of now, there are 6 registered players. The selection order was randomly drawn and here it is:

1. Kagone – Washington Redskins

2. bobbyl1024 – San Francisco 49ers

3. BulkyChunk – Dallas Cowboys

4. bnorris85 – Seattle Seahawks

5. SWISSx554 – Carolina Panthers

6. Aurethious – New England Patriots

7. Ian (gamertag pending) – Atlanta Falcons

8. celticaces34 – Miami Dolphins

Each player has 24 hours from the start of their turn to get their pick in. As you can see, the first two selections have already been made. I will be updating this post as other selections are made.

With only 8 players so far, there are still plenty of open spots for new players to join. If you would like to join, send me an email with your gamertag and you’ll be all set. If you join before the team selection ends, you’ll be placed at the end of the order based on the time you send your email. If you join after, along with your gamertag, include the team you would like to be.

The league kicks off a week from today when the game launches.

EDIT (8/20 – 10:00 AM): The Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks were the 3rd and 4th picks, respectively.

EDIT (8/20 – 4:55 PM): The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots were the 5th and 6th picks, respectively.

EDIT (8/20) – 8:10 PM): The Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins were the 7th and 8th picks, respectively. This ends the Team Selection Draft. Anyone who joins from this point out will have a choice of any team left unselected on a first come, first serve basis.


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