ION Madden League: Team Selection Draft Deadline

About a week and a half ago, I announced the ION Madden League coming for Madden NFL 25 for the Xbox 360. We are fast approaching the deadline to get in on the team selection draft. This coming Monday, August 19th is the deadline to be included in the initial draft to select teams for the league. For those who didn’t see the previous post… or were too lazy to click the link… here’s the rundown on team selection.

-All players who are entered by midnight Eastern on Monday, August 19th will be eligible for the team selection draft.

-Selection order will be chosen at random.

-I will notify players of the order when it is confirmed. I will also notify the player when it is his/her turn to select, along with previously selected teams. (The league has a Facebook message thread which players are welcome to join. Contact me, Al Basler, on Facebook, to be added to the discussion there.)

-A time limit for selection will be determined when the number of players participating is finalized. The time limit will be proportionate to the time left before the league’s launch. The selection is starting a week before the launch, so for example, if we have 7 players, the time limit would be 24 hours. If a player doesn’t make a selection within the time limit, the next player in the order will be allowed to make a pick, regardless of the person before them.

-Any player registering after midnight on August 19th and before the team selection has finished will be placed at the end of the selection order, in order of registration time.

-Any player registering after the team selection has finished will be permitted to select from any available team upon registering.

That’s the scoop on the upcoming team selection process. Even if you miss out on the selection process, or even the start of league play, you can join at any time. To register, post in the league thread on the ION forum, contact me via e-mail or Xbox Live (Aurethious),  or post on the ION Facebook page with your gamertag.

We have six players registered so far, and plenty of room for more. So, jump on in and get ready for some football!

Oh, and Pokémon fans… we have an announcement coming about the next ION Pokémon Organized Play event tomorrow…


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