On Monday, I had announced, in effect, the closing of the ION Game Corner. The basic story is that running and maintaining the website, the events, and everything that went along with it just became too much for me to handle. There are only so many hours in the day and I just couldn’t justify dedicating as much time to gaming and ION as I had been any more. Then, a cool thing happened.

Over the course of the next 48 hours, I was contacted by several of the players from the site who offered to help keep things going. After some discussion, it seemed feasible to keep the ION Game Corner running in some form. So, I’d like to take the time and introduce the newest official members of the ION Game Corner team, Steven Walders, Ben Sorgman, Mike Davis, and Jeremy Fontes.

All of these guys have been great Pokémon players in the ION Game Corner Organized Play events. Steven is directly responsible for the battle videos that you see on the ION Game Corner YouTube Channel, as he taught me how to capture them. He’s familiar with running Pokémon events and will be instrumental in that area as well as seeing that more great battle videos get uploaded to the channel. Ben was one on the first to step up and offer to be an admin on the ION Game Corner Forum to help keep that going. Mike and I have been working on a new fun ongoing Pokémon event that will hopefully be announced in a few weeks. Jeremy has been a huge help in running the ION Yu-Gi-Oh League on weeks that I haven’t been able to be there. I’m very optimistic about the fun things that you guys will see in the weeks and months to come with this crew in place.

My role is going to be greatly diminished. I’ll still be watching over everything, but I’ll be handing off the running of Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh events to these guys. My main focus will be on the Madden league, which those of you who are planning on getting Madden NFL 25 for the Xbox 360 should be on the lookout for at the end of the month, and helping to get the ball rolling on any other games/events that people want to run through the forum.

While the ION Game Corner isn’t going away, there are going to be some major changes, aside from the addition of the new ION team. First and foremost is the website itself, That will be going away, and with it, the ION GameCast podcast. I want to thank Chris Cepero and Nick Oliveira, as well as anyone that ever came on the podcast, for the time they took to do it. If for some reason you want to hear any of the old episodes, the site should remain up for another couple of months. After that, if you’re really looking for an old episode, contact me as I have them all saved on a flash drive and can get it to you. There’s a chance that the podcast could come back in the future, but with the site (and storage) going down and the low number of downloads, it’s not a priority at the moment.

The ION Game Corner Facebook page and Twitter (@IONGameCorner) will remain active. Those are great places to keep up with what’s going on so like/follow there if you aren’t already. The forum will also remain, as will the YouTube channel, and this WordPress blog. All of the events will be run out of the forums (which are free to sign up for) and this blog will be used to help track some of them, as it has to this point with things such as the ION Pokémon League and the Kanto War Game.

So, that’s the scoop on where things stand and are going with the ION Game Corner. Some things are changing, but hopefully, the fun gaming events will keep on coming. If you’re a Pokémon player, now is going to be a great time to get on the forum. With all of the Pokémon players on the ION team, you can be sure there’s going to be a ton of great Pokémon games and events coming down the pike… especially with Pokémon X and Y only a few months away. And if you have a great event idea for any game or just get a regular playgroup together (I know we have a few League of Legends players among the forum regulars), let me know and I’ll help you get that started. From day 1 of the ION Game Corner, the primary goal was to have a place where gamers could come and find people with similar interests to game with, and I think it’s been somewhat successful in that. Hopefully, that can continue for a long time to come.

Thanks again to the new ION team for stepping up and taking a great deal of the load off of my shoulders. I’m looking forward to some fun things going forward with the ION Game Corner.


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