ION Pokémon League: Summer 2013 – Week 1

The first week of the Summer 2013 season of the ION Pokémon League wrapped up a little over a week ago. Yes, I’m behind here. You can see all of the week’s battles on the IPL Summer 2013 Playlist on YouTube. Let’s get to the recap of the first week’s action.

Celadon City Knights d. Rustboro Rage 2-1

In Battle 1, Rustboro’s Gyarados, Leviathan dominated the field and swept the entire team from Celadon City. Setting up a Substitute and boosting with Dragon Dance, none of the Knights could touch Leviathan. Battles 2 and 3, however, were a much different story. Using Electivire to cancel out Leviathan, the Knights played the rotation guessing game to perfection en route to two straights battle wins, and a match victory.

Oreburgh Iron d. Ecruteak Executioners 2-0

Oreburgh came out strong in Battle 1 and took it right to the Executioners. The Iron’s Volcarona looked unstoppable in the first battle. Ecruteak fared a bit better in the second round, until Tentacruel hit the field and brought the pace to a screeching halt. Not only did Tentacruel stall, it took out a couple of Ecruteak’s Pokémon, en route to the win.

Pallet Town Heroes d. Blackthorn Bludgeoners 2-0

The Blackthorn Bludgeoners came into this Triple Battle with a distinct strategy revolving around their Mandibuzz, Medea, and their Cresselia, Luna, setting up Safeguard and using Swagger to boost their third teammate’s attack power. The Pallet Town Heroes, however, showed just why they are the defending ION Cup Champions, and completely disrupted the strategy to an easy win in Battle 1. Blackthorn changed things up and had a much better showing in Battle 2, but it wasn’t quite enough to stop the Heroes from claiming their first victim of the new season.

Littleroot Town Trailblazers d. Olivine Obliterators 2-1

Olivine came into this match with an interesting strategy that was executed to perfection in Battle 1. Venomoth used a combination of Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, and Baton Pass to set up Sigilyph. Sigilyph took over and with the help of Cosmic Power and Stored Power decimated the entire opposing team. The Trailblazers (formerly known as the Indigo Plateau Judgments) rebounded in Battle 2 and thwarted Olivine’s attempt at a repeat performance of the first battle. In the deciding battle, Littleroot Town dominated and picked up the victory.

Battle of the Week

Each week, I will post one of the battles that took place for you to check out. This week, it’s Battle 2 of the match between the Pallet Town Heroes and the Blackthorn Bludgeoners. Check out the defending ION Cup Champs in action!


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