Kanto War Game: Weeks Eleven & Twelve

This is part of a series chronicling the ION Pokémon Organized Play event, the Kanto War Game. Battle videos from the event can be seen on YouTube. For those following the actual gameplay of the event, the format was changed for Week 12 going forward. Each member of a team was granted a move, rather than one team move.

Day 77

After our victory against Team Cataclysm in Pewter City, we decided to take a step back and assess the situation rather than to pursue them into Mt. Moon immediately. While we had won that battle, there was the issue of me being on somewhat of a losing streak. If I couldn’t turn things around, we’d be relying on both Zero and Custos to not have any mistakes. I wasn’t about to put that burden on them.

I suggested that we should head to Mt. Silver, not only to secure that area, but to take some time to train as well. Zero agreed and added that we should take the time to find the legendary bird of flame, Moltres, while we were there. And with that, we set out for Mt. Silver.

It was nice to actually have a break from the battles of the war and have a chance to practice and sharpen our skills a little. There was an air of peacefulness in Mt. Silver. Since we had secured all around it, it had been untouched by the stress of the war throughout the region. Moving deeper into the mountain cave, we eventually came across Moltres.  Zero suggested that I be the one to approach it.

When I did, I was surprised that it didn’t prepare itself for battle. I believe that it sensed what we were trying to accomplish, as well as what was at stake. Willingly, Moltres agreed to join us in the fight. Needless to say, this was a huge boost in confidence for me, to have such a powerful legendary Pokémon in my arsenal now.

After we left Mt. Silver, we received some very interesting, if not baffling news. It seems that our victory over Team Cataclysm last week had a much bigger impact than we had originally thought. Most of the members of Team Cataclysm were former members of previous organizations, Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. After their most recent defeat, many of their agents started doubting the cause. I think that, possibly, having gone through the fall of their previous organizations, they started seeing the familiar writing on the wall.

Team Cataclysm suffered a mass exodus. From what we were told, after that, the Admins realized that they were now badly outnumbered. I think they must have concluded that without their grunt force, they were in over their heads. We were informed that they retreated back to Saffron City and took the Magnet Train to Johto. International Police officers stationed in Johto have been told to be on alert and watch for them in or around Goldenrod City. For us, it means that we, apparently, no longer have to deal with them here in Kanto. This was a huge confidence boost for all of us.

Now, it seems that we have only Team Upstairs left to worry about. They took advantage of the retreat of Team Cataclysm and made their way to Cerulean City. Unfortunately, the city hadn’t quite recovered from Team Cataclysm’s control and Upstairs quickly established their own control of it. We need to snuff them out before they can start spreading out any further.

Day 84

With Team Upstairs being our only foe left to deal with, Zero decided to change how we went about things. Instead of traveling together, he felt that we would be better served by splitting up. The theory is that we could cover more ground this way. We would be able to secure more of the region that way, and it would allow us to try and surround Team Upstairs. We were each given our assignments and we would report back in once we reached our destinations.

Custos and I headed to Vermilion City. From there, I needed to head north to Saffron City, which was under the control of Team Cataclysm before their retreat. My goal was to secure the city and establish a launching point to try and take back Cerulean City. When I arrived in Saffron, I quickly realized that securing the city wouldn’t be as easy we originally thought.

There was quite a commotion going on. Dylan, the leader of Team Upstairs was already in Saffron City and attempting to take it over. There wasn’t time to think or worry about the losing streak it. It was time to get the job done. I confronted Dylan and he was more than happy to oblige me in a battle. It had been a while since we had crossed paths, but I was very well aware of what happened the last time. This time, things would be much different.

My Pokémon felt the confidence I had and it showed in how we battled. My Blastoise and Ludicolo really stood out in this one and did serious damage to his team. I even took the chance to unleash Moltres and it’s mighty Hurricane attack against him. It was a complete a total victory for me. Dylan had no choice but to retreat back to Cerulean City. Saffron City was secure.

While I was battling Dylan, Zero encountered Ben of Team Upstairs in Mt. Moon. It seems that Team Upstairs decided to split up as well. Zero reported in that he used an unorthodox selection of his Pokémon, but they stepped up to the plate, and he defeated Ben, which allowed us to secure Mt. Moon as well.

Custos had gone from Vermilion City to Lavender Town. No one had been there since Ultraviolet left, but it was essential to us being able to surround Team Upstairs. Custos secured the town and we seemed prime to pinch in and finish them off.

Obviously, A.J. of Team Upstairs was unaccounted for during all of this. We would learn that we had gone to the Power Plant and had taken it over for his team. This breaks our containment slightly, but more importantly, it potentially gives Team Upstairs control of Zapdos. While overall, this was a good week of victories for us, we can’t celebrate yet. There is still some serious work to be done.


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