Kanto War Game: Week Ten

This is part of a series chronicling the ION Pokémon Organized Play event, the Kanto War Game. To see battles from the game, check out the event playlist on YouTube.

Day 70

Last week, I was concerned by the lack of activity throughout the region of Kanto. This week, I wished there was a lack of activity throughout the region of Kanto. I suppose I should start with the biggest development. Ultraviolet has removed themselves from the game, so to speak.

We received a call from our guards in Vermilion City that Ultraviolet was there. We were ready to head there to confront them, but they weren’t there to challenge us. All they wanted was to board the S.S. Aqua and head to Johto. Hageshii said there was something more important that they needed to take care of there, and that was that.

Now, I don’t know what could possibly be more important than what is going on here in Kanto. I haven’t been told of anything problems in Johto. Clearly, they think something is going on there. Either that, or the heat from Team Cataclysm was starting to get to be too much. I sincerely hope it’s not the latter. The only good thing is that we weren’t counting on their help in the end, so, our plans don’t change.

While this was going on, we also heard that Team Upstairs was attempting to fight their way out of the corner they’ve been backed into. They launched an assault on Team Cataclysm at Mt. Moon. A.J. and Dylan were met head on by Chibi and Dactyl and, from what we were told, it wasn’t pretty. Team Upstairs was sent packing quickly back to Cerulean Cave.

Zero felt this was our time to strike at Team Cataclysm again, at Pewter City. I think they were anticipating our return because they were there, fresh off of their victory against Team Upstairs. Custos immediately went into battle against Chibi, eager to avenge his loss against her last week. And avenge he did, scoring a win against of the toughest of all of Team Cataclsym’s Admins.

Dactyl, the only of the Cataclysm Admins I had yet to square off with, stepped forward and challenged me. We battled back and forth with neither of us able to gain a clear advantage, until I made a mistake with my Galvantula and I thought I was done for. But I didn’t give in and started to claw my way back. In the end, it came down to my Scizor against NegaLeaf, his Scizor. My Scizor had already fought hard to try and pull out the win, and it couldn’t quite handle his fresher Pokémon. It was going to be up to Zero.

The two respective leaders, Zero and Executive Don, clashed with the outcome of the battle in the balance. Both fought hard and it was a close battle, but Zero was able to pick up the win, forcing Team Cataclysm to retreat from Pewter City. As disappointed as I was in myself for losing, the important thing was that, as a team, we won.

With Ultraviolet out of the picture, we are going to need to be extra vigilant. As weird as it sounds, we may be getting some help from Team Upstairs in the coming days. If they plan on getting out of Cerulean Cave any time soon, they are going to have to go through Team Cataclysm, which may provide us another chance to strike while the iron is hot, as they say.

Securing Pewter City was important for a few reasons. First of all, it gives us control over the western entrance to Diglett’s Cave. Maybe more importantly, it keeps us close enough to Cerulean Cave that we can make sure that neither Team Upstairs nor Team Cataclysm can make a concerted effort to get Mewtwo. Now, we just need to figure out what the best way to handle things with a potential threat, or ally, off the table.

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