Kanto War Game: Week Nine

This is part of a series chronicling the ION Pokémon Organized Play event, the Kanto War Game.

Day 63

This week was quiet. A little too quiet. I’m not sure why, but there wasn’t much battling going on in the past seven days. Perhaps some groups are taking the time to re-assess their plans. Maybe something worse is on the horizon. Whatever the case is, the one thing for sure is that the fighting isn’t done yet. We knew we still had work to do.

After scoring a big victory against Team Cataclysm at Vermilion City, Zero decided we needed to keep the pressure on them. The next target would be Pewter City. If we could start driving them back further east, we would be able to sandwich them between us and Ultraviolet. I’m still skeptical about the vigilante group, but it’s clear that the goals of Team Cataclysm are far more sinister, and must be stopped. From there, we can sort out the rest. Plus, if we start working our way toward Cerulean Cave, we can try and finish off Team Upstairs as well while we’re at it.

The plan was in place, so it became a matter of execution. When we got to Pewter City, it didn’t take long for the Team Cataclysm Admins to show up. Zero led the charge into battle against Dactyl and scored a convincing victory. Custos was challenged by Chibi, and while he was ready for this match, she was still able to pull out a win. It came down to Executive Don and I.

He got the early advantage on me. I was ready for his tactics centered on sandstorms, but he kept countering my counters. As the battle wore on, I was able to turn it around and we battled back and forth. In the end, I didn’t have an answer to his Garchomp and fell in defeat. For now, it was time for us to fall back. For now.


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