Kanto War Game: Week Seven

This is part of a series chronicling the ION Pokémon Organized Play event, the Kanto War Game.

Day 49

After this disappointment of last week, we desperately needed to regroup and refocus our efforts. Having suffered two straight defeats and the hands of Team Upstairs, I figured that we might be better served focusing our attention away from Viridian Forest for the moment. I was wrong about that. Zero decided that we must take Viridian Forest back from Team Upstairs.

When we reached Route 2, they were there waiting for us. Obviously, Team Upstairs was feeling a bit of confidence when it came to us after the last couple of weeks. They decided that it was time to strike back at us at Viridian City. Zero told Custos to hang back as a last line of defense to protect the city. As Zero and I stepped forward, Dylan and Ben rushed to meet us. Zero wanted a piece of Ben, having heard of his reputation, but the brash member of Upstairs challenged me instead.

With my two recent losses to Dylan and A.J., I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare in this one. All I know is that I couldn’t afford to lose again. At the start of the battle, the action went back and forth, with neither of us really able to grab an advantage. Then, I decided to just throw caution to the wind and go on an all-out offensive. And it worked. My Dragonite and Scizor were able to do some serious damage to his team, and in the end, Ben decided it was time to make a tactical retreat. He called his last Pokémon back and took off.

Meanwhile, Zero made very quick work of Dylan. He just dominated the Team Upstairs leader from beginning to end. You could tell that Zero not only wanted to win, but he wanted to make a statement as well. And just like that, we were victorious and had once again driven Team Upstairs from Viridian Forest. From what I can tell, the only place that have a presence in now is Mt. Moon. We’re getting close to eliminating this threat.

While we were battling with Team Upstairs, another clash between Ultraviolet and Team Cataclysm took place. It seems that both groups wanted to continue the clash from last week. This time, they met on Route 9. The Barefoot Bandit was able to avenge his loss to Dactyl from last week. Things didn’t go quite as well for Hageshii, as the Ultraviolet leader fell once again to the Team Cataclysm boss, Executive Don. Chibi was clearly angered by her loss to The White Fedora last week because she crushed him in their rematch.

Ultraviolet was forced to retreat back into Rock Tunnel. Team Cataclysm marched on to the Power Plant. Despite the supporters of Ultraviolet’s best efforts, along with Zapdos, Cataclysm took the Power Plant. Now, they not only control the major source of power for the region, but they have captured Zapdos as well. I know I didn’t want Ultraviolet to secure all three of the legendary birds of Kanto, but this may be a far less desirable outcome.

We may be close to finishing off Team Upstairs, but it is very clear what needs to be priority one right now. Team Cataclysm must be stopped.


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