Kanto War Game: Prologue, Part 1

This is going to be the first in a series of entries that will chronicle the ION Game Corner Organized Play event, the Kanto War Game. In this event, teams of players will compete in an attempt to control the entire region of Kanto, and drive the other teams from the region. A full list of rules can be found in the event forum thread. Players may register for the event through Sunday, February 24th. The event itself starts on Saturday, March 2nd. As of this posting, we have 3 teams of 3 players registered. Players may join individually, or as a team. Please note, however, that if you register as an individual and there aren’t enough free registered players to form a team, you will not be able to take part in the event, so it is better to form a team if possible.

These posts will take the form of journal entries written by my player in the game’s perspective.

Prologue, Part 1

We are standing on the precipice of major conflict. I’m not exactly sure why, or to what end, but it’s clear that it is inevitable. Conflicts are nothing new. They have been a part of history from the beginning of time and they continue to shape the course of the world to this very day. This one is different though.

Recently, it seems almost like clockwork, that every couple of years, some organization comes to the surface and threatens to take over the world, or some other variation of an insidious plot. And just as reliably, some young trainer stepped up and dispatched the bad guys. So, what makes this situation so different, you ask? Well, a few things. Let me explain.

First and foremost, we’re dealing with multiple incursions, so to speak. I know what you’re thinking. The Hoenn region has to deal with Team Magma and Team Aqua several years ago. That’s true, but that was two organizations with very similar, albeit it opposite, goals. Right now, we’re not even sure how many factions we are dealing with here. We’ve heard rumblings around Kanto that all kinds of propaganda is being spread. It’s difficult to determine how many threats are at hand. All we do know, is that for whatever reason, several people, or organizations, have planted seeds in Kanto.

The other major difference is the various agendas to be found. Like I said, at least when Team Magma and Team Aqua were threatening Hoenn, they were both after similar goals. Granted, that didn’t make them any less formidable, but it did help in squashing their pursuits. It’s much easier fighting a war against multiple foes sometimes than on multiple fronts. Now, we’re dealing with all sorts of schemes. We’ve heard rumors about someone out to find the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, about taking over the entire region of Kanto, and everything in between. We’ve even heard about a group of vigilantes coming to take out the threats to Kanto. In and of itself, that last part wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it’s concerning that if they are coming, they haven’t contacted me.

Oh, that’s right, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. My name is Al, and I have been brought in as a special deputy to the International Police. Typically, the IP travels across the regions to enforce the law, but generally use fairly covert methods. In this case, they came to me and asked if I could form a task force with the purpose of thwarting whatever uprising is coming in Kanto. Apparently, the local authorities don’t think much of the rumors and feel they can handle any situations that arise, which complicates things a bit for the IP. And that’s where I come in.

For the last several months I have organized and competed in the ION Pokémon League. One of the goals of the league was to gather the best trainers from around the world to complete against one another. Another, however, was to follow up on intelligence given to me by the IP. The hope was that some of those responsible for the agendas emerging in the Kanto region would take part in the league and I might be able to do some more digging and scouting. Yet another goal was to give me a platform to recruit trainers for my task force. The public standing would, in theory, bolster public confidence in the group as well as draw recruits in. So far, in that respect, the league was a success.

The first choice for the group was easy: Zero. Zero had a very impressive showing in the IPL. The fact that his team was named the Pallet Town Heroes didn’t hurt either when it came to public relations. Add to that that his team in the IPL consisted of Pokémon that are very reminiscent of Kanto’s two most famous trainers and this choice was a no-brainer.

Zero was reluctant at first. He didn’t like the idea of all of the Pokémon battling that would take place under a war-like scenario. To be perfectly honest, I don’t either. He came to understand though, that it’s unavoidable at this point. There are too many combustible elements now for diplomacy. In the end, battling now will prevent a much worse potential outcome. Putting my trust in Zero, I’ve appointed him as the tactical commander of the group. Organization is my bag. Tactics are his.

With Zero on board, the next choice was fairly easy as well. Custos has been a long-time friend and rival to Zero. In some respect, there’s even a mentor aspect to their relationship. Anyone who watched his matches in the IPL knows, however, that Custos is a talented trainer in his own right. Always ready for a battle, he was far easier to convince, especially with Zero already in the fold. Having been on the other end of a battle with him several times, I’m certainly glad to have him on my side this time around.

So, there is my task force. Together, we are the Heroes Organized for the Protection of Everyone, or otherwise known as HOPE. And that is what we intend to bring to Kanto, hope. If this plays out like we anticipate it will, that is something that the people of Kanto will need more than anything else. For now, it’s time to gather more information and ascertain the extent of the threats we face and prepare for the time when the first shot is taken. And like my trusty Wobbuffet, we will be ready to strike back even harder, secure in the belief that all will be well.


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