Random Thoughts IV

Once again, there’s no central theme going on today. Just some quick notes and musings on a glorious Friday.

Later today, I will be recording a new episode of the ION GameCast. Dave Schrader of Schrader Heavy Industries will be joining me to talk about his Light Weight RPG. I met Dave a couple of years ago through the PAX Pokémon League, and he’s a good guy, so I’m glad to be able to help spread the word of his company and his game. Look for that to be posted sometime tonight.

The 3rd update for Madden NFL 13 was released earlier this week. There were a ton of needed fixes in this update, maybe most importantly for the Baz Invitational league was the increased difficulty of the All-Madden level. So far, it seems to have reigned in scoring a little in our league. I’ve played two games, one in each of my Connected Careers, since the update and it’s definitely harder, but not so much that I’m getting my doors blown off, which is great. Now, I just need to get it in gear before I miss the playoffs in my own league…

Yesterday, I finished the main story in Pokémon White 2. Overall, I enjoyed it. Up until the end, the story itself seemed less epic in scope than other games, but that’s fine. One of the things I liked the most in the new games is how little HMs were required for the main story. It wasn’t until after getting the 8th badge that I absolutely had to put Surf on a Pokémon. I’ve always hated having to use the HMs to get through, so this was very welcome to me. Now, it’s time to start Black 2 to get through that story so I can start the process of transferring and continuing the work on more Pokémon… and also start pushing forward with the formation of the ION Pokémon League.

Aside from the ION Pokémon League, I also have a proposal up for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Kingdom Tournament. I may also be working on something for the upcoming WWE ’13 game involving its Universe mode, but that one will probably not be publicly recruited for, since it would involve having people over to my house. As always, I’m looking for more organized play opportunities to host through the ION Game Corner. If you have any suggestions, either e-mail me or sign up for the forum and pitch it there.

Al Basler, ION Game Corner


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