Random Thoughts III

Well, I figured since I hadn’t written anything here in a week, I should probably do something… so here’s something…

Most of my gaming time right now is being spent playing Pokémon Black and White 2. I’m 5 badges into the story in White 2. My plan is to get through the main story in both games and then I’ll start working on transferring stuff from my old games. So far, White 2 has been pretty fun. Some of the new additions that I’ve come across, Pokéstar Studios, Join Avenue, and the Pokémon World Tournament, are pretty cool, the last one especially. I’m not going to spoil any of it for you guys, but it’ll be fun to have some more battle-related stuff to do once the main story is done.

I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’m looking to organize an ION Pokémon League. In a few weeks, I’m going to start a full court press to drum up interest in this. I want to give people time to play around with the new games a bit, especially since we’ll probably be using those for the league. In the meantime, head over to that thread on the forum and add your input and suggestions. I’m very much looking forward to getting this idea off the ground and I think it could be some real fun.

For those of you keeping up with the Madden league, we are just about finished with Week 9 of the first season. And ridiculousness has ensued. Nick (who was a guest on Episode 4 of the ION GameCast) has broken the single-season receiving yards and receiving touchdowns records with Jared Cook in 8 games. The numbers he has put up are downright goofy. There’s an update supposedly coming next week that addresses a ton of issues, including the difficulty of the All-Madden setting. Hopefully, this will curtail some of the exploit-ability of tight end matchups in the game. It really is lame what you can do, and I find myself having to force myself not to take the cheap way out, but I’m still putting up crazy numbers with my tight end, both in the Baz Invitational league (Owen Daniels) and my offline Connected Careers (Greg Olsen).

Earlier this week, I spoke to the folks at P&T Sports Cards in Whitman, MA about the prospect of hosting Yu-Gi-Oh! events organized through the ION Game Corner and got the go-ahead on that. So, with that in mind, I’m starting the planning process of the first ION Organized Play Yu-Gi-Oh! event, the Duelist Kingdom Tournament. If you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh! player in the southeastern Massachusetts area, check out that link and get in on the planning process. The only reason I specify the area is because it will most likely be an event than spans multiple days. Once I have enough interest in the tournament, I will work out a date with P&T and officially start advertising the event.

Tomorrow evening, I will be recording the next episode of the ION GameCast. This episode will deal, probably exclusively, with City of Heroes. I will be joined by City of Heroes players to talk about the game, its shutdown, and the efforts of the community to attempt to keep the game alive. As of now, one of the guests lined up to join me on the podcast is best-selling fantasy author, Mercedes Lackey. It should be a really fun podcast with some passionate gamers.

Registration has started for PAX East 2013. We talked a bit about PAX East on Episode 4 of the ION GameCast. If you aren’t familiar with the convention, it’s basically a 3 day celebration of games and gamers of all kinds. If you are a gamer and you’ve never been, you really have to go once to check it out. There’s so much stuff to do between the expo hall, video game tournaments, tabletop game events, panel discussion, concerts, and so much more. For those interested in check out next year’s event, I suggest you get your badges soon. Three-day passes sold out in less than 24 hours. Saturday passes will probably be the next to go, but as of now, there appears to be plenty available. But don’t wait too much longer. It really is a great experience for gamers, and even for non-gamers. Jamie went for one of the days with me this year and she had a fun time and is going back again next year.

I am seriously considering organizing some sort of official ION Game Corner event at PAX East 2013. As I mentioned on Episode 4 of the podcast, right now, I’m leaning toward a Yu-Gi-Oh! event, since I feel the game on the whole is under-represented there, but am open to other suggestions as well. The general idea is to do some sort of event over the course of the weekend that is different, fun, and hopefully, will draw some people back to the ION Game Corner to join our community there. If you have any suggestions, either e-mail me, or post it on the forum.

Al Basler, ION Game Corner


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