Random Thoughts

I was going to write a post about my impressions of Madden NFL 13 after a month, however, I am going to be joined by my friend Jim Pine soon on an edition of the ION GameCast to do just that. No sense in doing it all here as well. I did want to write something, so, here’s the first installment of Random Thoughts! Follow the bouncing ball.

I will say one thing about Madden here. It’s good to see EA listening to its fans and putting the fantasy draft back in the game, at least for online Connected Careers. I do shudder at the thought of how long a full 32-player fantasy draft would actually take. Let’s hope that they continue to listen and do something about the lack of an offline multi-player Connected Careers.

Sticking with football (See, this isn’t completely random…), the NFL needs to fix this situation with the referees immediately, if not sooner. I don’t want this to come across as sour grapes, so I won’t bring up the phantom holding call on Rob Gronkowski that nullified a game-winning touchdown for the New England Patriots. I will, however, bring up the call that almost handed a game to the Baltimore Ravens. The fact that anyone could have possibly watched the play on the Philadelphia Eagles’ final touchdown drive where it was initially ruled that Michael Vick fumbled and saw that as a fumble is completely asinine. The league better be thankful that replay fixed that one. That was abysmally bad. What would have happened if it had occurred outside of the last two minutes of the game and the Eagles were out of challenges? When you can watch a game and see obvious missed calls in real time, it’s inexcusable. Fix it NFL.

I just found out the the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion Series event in Providence next month will have some interesting things going on, outside of the YCS qualifier itself. Seven of the voice actors from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series will be there doing panel discussions, autograph signings, and scripted duels. Yes, they will be acting out scripted duels in character. Seems pretty cool to me. I may try and head down to Providence for the Saturday (October 20th) portion of the program. Anyone interested in checking that out?

I’ve had some good feedback thus far on the site with some good suggestions. Most of those have centered around adding video content of some sort to the site. It’s definitely under consideration. I would like to utilize some video aspects once we have some organized play groups going. I think that has the potential to be fun.

There’s not much new news to be discussed on the City of Heroes front. The community did step up big time when the Titan Network called for donations to pay for the Paragon Studios crew to go out for dinner at a restaurant they frequented. The players came together and donated $1,000 in less than three hours. Other than that, it’s been largely quiet aside from a rumor that a developer mentioned that talks with NCSoft were progressing and that they turned double-XP off this morning. The former is good news, if its true. The latter, no one is really sure what to make of it. People are reading positively into it, under the premise that they were intending to leave it on until the game closed on November 30th (which I missed if it was said) and turning it off may signify that they want to keep some semblance of balance in the game. Either way, it’s interesting nonetheless.

In the “Yeah, she’s a keeper” department (and this was not in question before this), my girlfriend Jamie, in her continued acceptance and curiosity of my hobbies, decided that she wanted to see if we could find a game that the two of us could play together. Her being a fan of Walking Dead, I suggested Left 4 Dead 2. Not only did she take to this suggestion, she went online and researched the game extensively. To be honest, I think she already knows more about the game than I do. Not that this should be a surprise because when she decided she wanted to join my fantasy football league last year, she went all in there too. Coming into Week 1 this year, I called her and before she even said hello, she was frantically asking my opinion on who to start… at kicker. Yes, she is that into it now. So much so that she is in two leagues with me (Be jealous boys, it’s ok.) this year. Getting back to L4D2, we tried playing a bit and while she has a ways to go to get used to the controls (Keep in mind, she is not a gamer.), she enjoyed it and has been looking forward to shooting some more zombies. Pretty fantastic.

So, I think this was enough randomness for today. As always, any and all feedback is welcomed. Check out the ION Game Corner and sign up for the forums and let’s get some fun going!


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